what happened in the last episode of moesha

Dorian goes to see his biological mother and ends up baby-sitting for her children who are more than a handful.

(Q needs the ring to help finance some new rap group he's producing.) He later finds Dorian's date in their house wearing his robe. Moesha prolongs her stay in New York and is enjoying her relationship with Q, but soon decides to return home and to college.

C'mon, who could resist those eyebrows? Moesha plays matchmaker for Theresa (Marissa Jaret Winokur) who's been having trouble meeting guys. Job Moesha and Kim Land Jobs in Market Research. 10. Moesha and Hakeem hit the first bump in their romance when Hakeem spends more time away from Moesha. Meanwhile, Moesha stands up for Dorian when he's wrongfully accused of stealing.

As the tension continues to rise, Frank thinks that the only way that's possible to break some of the hostility is to let Dorian have his birthday party at a teen club. Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by.

7. Moesha returns from New York with a secret that she wants to keep from her parents. After her car runs out of fuel, running short on money and bothering her parents for money and a ride, Frank and Dee reluctantly agree to let her have her own credit card for emergencies only. After attending a movie, they meet Omar's friend, Tracy, leading Moesha to believe that Omar may be gay. When Dee reprimands her, Frank one again stops her. Moesha, Hakeem and Niecy go across town for a graduation day brunch where Moesha's car breaks down an hour before the big event.

Moesha's parents catch her and Q kissing on her bed when they arrive home from a night out, and they decide they may send her to a private school. Note 1: This episode served as the backdoor pilot episode for the spin-off series The Parkers. Dee convinces the family to join Myles in a family therapy session, but Moesha decides to ditch the session to hang out with her friends. But Alicia lets Myles believe that she likes him and uses Myles to run errands for her. In fact, the writers' room even talked about pairing the two up for an opposites-attract relationship. Moesha later tells Kim and Niecy of her suspicions, and it doesn't take long until everyone in school knows the latest gossip. Moesha and the girls find help from a Native American store owner when their car breaks down in the snow. After a while, Myles starts to get a little tired of being in the entertainment business. Moesha's new classmate, Jeremy Davis, shows an interest in her, but he later disappoints her when he tries too hard to impress her friends. But Moesha doesn't want to start over with any of them- except for her former teacher, Channing.

Standoffish Moesha begins to see a side of Dee she has not opened her eyes to when Dee's niece Charisse. Myles gets into a fight at school because some kids said that he thought he was "all that", and he comes home with a bloody lip. Hakeem brings his cousin Omar over to meet the Mitchell's. "Well, she felt older," Schwartz explained to Uproxx. Dorian gives Myles a tour around the recording studio when his former acquaintance, Lamont, arrives. She anxiously enters the dating game... at least wants to but no one asks her out. Moesha later becomes a bother to Niecy. Meanwhile, Dorian starts a new job working at a recording studio, but Frank thinks that all of Dorian's long hours at work may affect his schoolwork.

After she reluctantly decides over night, Moesha agrees to help Dorian. However, she risks losing a friend in Haley who feels that Moesha is using her. The shocking news of Frank's infidelity during his first marriage turned the family upside-down and resulted in Dorian's rebellion and Moesha moving out of the family home. Meanwhile, Frank is upset that Dorian is skipping school to go to the beach with his older girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mo explains the facts of life to Dorian. But they get caught up in the moment and share a kiss, just as Moesha enters the room. After passing on the Saturn, Moesha has bought another car, but she already regrets it. Moesha does not think that it is a good idea and tells Myles that if he agrees with them, he'll be replaced. Meanwhile, Dorian is still trying to earn Frank's trust when he dates one of Frank's mentors named Cleo who isn't the angel that she appears to be. Moesha prepares for the homecoming dance but "friends" Moesha and Hakeem soon start to realize that the depth of their friendship may be reaching a new and unexpected level. whats happened on the last episode of moesha? Moesha is inspired after meeting Ladonna, but she must reconcile her newfound feminism when she is asked to model. Our binge watch of the show hasn't just gotten us dreaming about joining Moesha, Kim, Hakeem and Niecy down at The Den. Mo becomes excited at the prospect of earning her own money and getting a taste of adulthood, but she accepts a promotion that will make her more responsible.

From 1 November 2019, the programme started airing on Trace Vault following its rebrand from The Vault. One of Schwartz's biggest regrets was not doing more with Luke (Chris Carmack) and Anna (Samaire Armstrong). A party organized by Q at a teen club called The Bombay gets out of control after a rumor is spread that a big star is performing there.

Then when Moesha asks if she can go to The Den, a local hangout, Dee opposes since it is a school night. 11. Moesha and Mrs. Moss clash, but Mo begins to appreciate her time with Mrs. Moss after learning that Mrs. Moss lived during the Harlem Renaissance-era. Sandy visits to find out why Frank told Dorian the secret and why he didn't wait as they both planned. Hakeem meets a beautiful woman, Jennifer Sutton, at the clothing store where he works. Upset, Ray tells her that he's not interested in a friendship with her if he can't benefit from it. After the monster success of season one, Fox wanted Schwartz to work on a spinoff. Episode # Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code 62 1 "Moesha Meets Brandy" Henry Chan: Sara V. Finney October 6, 1998 6498-062 Five months later, and Moesha still hasn't returned home. Moesha tries to make Q jealous when she meets Montell Jordan, but they eventually talk over their differences, and she takes him to meet Frank. He was portrayed by Marcus T. Paulk. Dorian refuses again, and Lamont becomes even more threatening. Anonymous. Moesha loans Hakeem $20 but then has to wait for him to repay her. Dee decides it's time to redecorate the house, so she decides to put on a garage sale and encourages Moesha to donate any of her old junk. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, THE FINAL EPISODE:Season 6 Episode 22-Paying the Piper, Season 2 Episode 11-The Regulations of Love, Season 5 Episode 19-Something About Moesha, Season 2 Episode 20-Songs in the Key of Strife, THE FIRST EPISODE:Season 1 Episode 1-Pilot. Netflix picked up streaming rights to the series in 2020, which became available to US subscribers on August 1, 2020. 23. Myles Mitchell is a character on the UPN series Moesha. After a three-month separation, Q comes to visit Moesha, along with Khalib, for Thanksgiving. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. She is introduced to snobby Mary Ellen Hobbs, the daughter of a friend of Dee's. He came back in and did a really great job.". Kim becomes jealous when Moesha begins to hang out with her new friend Teresa.

Meanwhile, Frank learns that Dee is slightly older than he and begins to ridicule her. Awww.

Worrying about the consequences connected to teacher-student relationships, Channing decides to leave Crenshaw High for good. almost didn't land its fourth and final season. When Hakeem shows up with his cousin Omar (Chris Lobban) at the Mitchells', everyone fears he could be another Hakeem. Moesha develops writer's block and turns to Hakeem for help in turn developing a mutual attraction for each other. The shows aired for 7 years from 2010 to 2015. On Moesha, Brandy played herself as a celebrity doppelganger to Moesha, and ironically Brandy joined the cast of The Game in its fifth season as Chardonnay Pitts, further complicating the notion of the shows existing in the same universe.

The first actor cast on the series was Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen, the patriarch of the central fam. You can thank The O.C. and Electric City Magazine. There was almost a crossover episode with Arrested Development, as they both aired on Fox and were set in Southern California. 6. Meanwhile, Moesha tells her family that she will be moving onto campus. Lamont visits Dorian and demands his half of the money.

19. Meanwhile, Myles disappoints Frank after selling the comic books that Frank handed down to him for his birthday. She ended up in every episode of the series, being upped to series regular midway through season one with Summer becoming the heart of the series. Meanwhile, Myles doesn't appreciate his friends comments about how "good" Dee looks. ", Tamiko K. Brooks, Njeri Njuhigu, and Wayne Stamps.

While in Mexico, the gang enjoys themselves until Moesha loses Morgan's car keys and Moesha is faced with having to call her parents. Yeah, the accidental legacy," Schwartz joked to Uproxx. Also, Dorian's mother visits, but Dorian believes that she likes adjusting to her new life without him.

Moesha aired from 1996 until 2001 and starred R&B singer Brandy as the titular teenage girl Moesha Denise Mitchell. Entertainment Weekly put out a rumor that certain plots were to be resolved on The Parkers,[1] but those plans never came through, and the storylines were ultimately never resolved.

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