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Amanda Harrison, who originated Oz in this Melbourne production, had previously been in the ensemble of the original London production. The musical tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought and fashion, and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. [39][41], A German-language production opened in Zürich, Switzerland on 3 December 2006 at Theatre Stadthof 11, Oerlikon using the book of the bilingual Cologne production. Costumes Tim Goodchild The bohemians take them back to their hide-out. He sets off with Galileo and Scaramouche in search of the place of champions. They realise that they are kindred spirits, feared by the rest of their society. [24] The Madrid production had all spoken dialogue and the lyrics translated into Spanish, except for the songs "We Will Rock You", "We Are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody", which retained their English lyrics. The name refers to the German band "Bap" (Cologne dialect for "Papa" = "Father") and the singer Wolfgang Niedecken. Originally West End's final show. The other citizens go mindlessly about their lives, unaware of the struggle taking place. German TV Live Performance, 2004] - The German Cast, Queen, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 22:03. ("Hammer to Fall") At the Seven Seas of Rhye pub in Montreaux, Pop the librarian is serving drinks to the lifeless Bohemians. The script was eventually completed midway through 2001.[3]. He hates the constraints placed on him by Globalsoft, and wants to make his own music. Directed by Christopher Renshaw and choreographed by Arlene Phillips, the original West End production opened at the Dominion Theatre on 14 May 2002, with Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D. Clarke and Kerry Ellis in principal roles. The 10th Anniversary album including the original 2002 album, along with a bonus CD with the following tracks: Another One Bites The Dust (2003 Remix) –, Sólo Por Ti (No One But You) (In Spanish) (Short Version) – Eva Maria Cortes, Queen, Sin Control (Headlong) (In Spanish) – The Spanish Cast, Algo Loco Es El Amor (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) (In Spanish) – The Spanish Cast, Killer Queen (In German) – The German Cast, Play The Game (In German) – The German Cast, Somebody To Love ["Wetten, dass..?" Earth has been renamed as the "iPlanet" (Planet Mall in older productions) and is controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation. 2 5, Original Scaramouche was also played by Sivan Raphaely. Cheshire, CT, Pericles Michael Watt and Michael Coppel. ("These Are the Days of Our Lives") When Galileo and Scaramouche arrive, Pop explains the full nature of the prophecy to them as inscribed by the three remaining members of the band Queen just before they were sentenced to death (Brian May, his last request being a final guitar solo, apparently delayed his execution for three and a half days). ("Don't Stop Me Now") Khashoggi interrupts her, explaining that Galileo and Scaramouche escaped. Marking Freddie Mercury's 60th birthday. We Will Rock You the Musical - SYNOPSIS. The tour commenced in Sydney, NSW on 30 April 2016.[23]. Galileo and Scaramouche arrive, with Galileo talking about his belief that he has a destiny. The cast included Peter Eldridge as Galileo, Dawn Travell as Scaramouche, David Adams (making history as the first male to play the role ) as Killer Queen, Colin McLeod as Khashoggi and Steve Leigh as Pop. [62] McFly performed "Don't Stop Me Now". College/University, High School, Professional Theatre, Regional Theatre, Star Vehicle Male, I'll Eat You Last": A Chat With Sue Mengers. The We Will Rock You - Character Page also contains individual photographs of the seven lead parts. ("I Want to Break Free") Galileo is captured by Khashoggi, commander of Globalsoft's police. After the encore, Elton made a thank you speech, after which the entire cast performed "The Show Must Go On", accompanied by May on guitar. [25] The production finally closed on 6 January 2008. [30] The original cast included Brian Justin Crum (Broadway's Next to Normal) as Galileo, PJ Griffith (Broadway's American Idiot and Mamma Mia!) Aloueche left the performance on 4 September 2010 and the role of Scaramouche was played by a returning Sarah French-Ellis thereafter. understudy "Galileo" - Carl Man, Killer Queen – Britt Lenting It is going to restart in September 2014 in Munich followed by Frankfurt and Vienna. The second season is due to start in Bergamo on 4 November and it will be on tour until March 2011. ("Headlong") Of note, the original London production is staged at the Dominion Theatre, which is located above the real Tottenham Court Road tube station.The Bohemians explain to Galileo and Scaramouche that they take their names after singers long gone, and mourn the deaths of those who died young. The Bohemians explain to Galileo and Scaramouche that they take their names after singers long gone, and mourn the deaths of those who died young. ("Crazy Little Thing Called Love")Khashoggi and his police suddenly arrive at the Heartbreak Hotel, where they round up the Bohemians for capture. Alana Bridgewater recorded version of Fat Bottomed Girls on her debut album "Horizon". Fights Gordon Alexander, Nigel Planer Pop Daniel Caldini (Ensemble) [40] This production made tour stops at the Artscape in Cape Town (from 25 July) and the Playhouse Opera in Durban (29 September to 29 October 2006) before closing. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! They remove them, and upon realising that they are all that's left of the rebels, they confess their love for each other. Bourne left the production on 1 October 2011. Galileo cannot play it, but Scaramouche can. Galileo cannot play it, but Scaramouche can. Khashoggi has him taken away. The We Will Rock You musical is a show in London written by Ben Elton and features over 20 of Queen’s greatest hits. Technical faults stopped May performing onstage during "Bohemian Rhapsody". ("One Vision"), Galileo and Scaramouche have escaped the Heartbreak Hotel, and realise that back at the hospital, tracking devices were installed in their heads.

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