is legalzoom legit for trademarks

Related Article: Is LegalZoom Good for Performing My Trademark Search? LegalZoom's fill in the blank form approach will be fine IF you read carefully and research anything you don't know about. I had paid for a trademark search with LegalZoom and they did a very very poor job…the trademark was rejected and I called LegalZoom and talked to Joya a manager with LegalZoom … They believe that people shouldnt have a hard time making the last will, creating a trademark or filling up other legal documents. The software uses the information you provide in your answers to fill out the form. Home > Trademark Blog > LegalZoom > Is LegalZoom Legit for Preparing My Trademark Application? They will not tell you before application if there are confusingly similar marks on the register. My hope is that you don’t become one of those people who are left feeling frustrated and/or blind-sided by LegalZoom. It helps that Legal Zoom periodically runs sales to give a discount on any purchases made. They took my money for a “Rush” package. If you answered yes to the two above questions, which 80% of new businesses will, then Legalzoom trademark registration is a good choice for you. You have to do everything right, in the right sequence and at the right time, in order to properly apply for, and be granted, a trademark registration. If you hit a snag with LegalZoom, you’re on your own to resolve it. Plus, you can get legal advice from an independent attorney as part of the business legal plan. The Basic package has a cost of $69 and includes a personalized will and a digital download of the will. Sadly, if you type inaccurate or incomplete information into LegalZoom’s questionnaire, then LegalZoom will enter this same inaccurate or incomplete information onto the USPTO application form. LegalZoom Trademark Reviews – Should You Trust LegalZoom for Your Trademark? Is LegalZoom legitimate? Are you looking to acquire a United States trademark registration? Well, fortunately for you, there are many people who’ve already used LegalZoom to file a trademark application. You will need to think, but you can alternatively pay an attorney to do that for you. Applying to register a trademark is simple and affordable with LegalZoom. We paid LegalZoom $477 for this service and they did not deliver anything. LegalZoom will perform a trademark search to ensure your company isn't breaking any laws. Trademark Consultant in Washington, DC. I encourage you to give me a call at (314) 749-4059 to discuss any trademark-related questions you may have. If by "legit" you mean "legal," the short answer is, "yes," because eventually whatever documents you get through LegalZoom will be filed with the Patent and Trademark … LegalZoom works to bridge the gap between the need for legal services and access to an affordable attorney within a short time. Believe me, the trademark registration process is never as simple as just filling in the blanks on a form. Over the years, I have helped thousands of individuals, businesses, organizations, and associations located all over the world avoid the devastating and disastrous effects of being sued for trademark infringement by making sure they take all the legal steps necessary to protect themselves.

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