identify the ir signals that are consistent with eugenol

You can locate carbonyl groups, alkenes, alkynes, and aromatics in the IR (infrared) spectrum, based on their shapes and relative locations. The aim of this experiment was to determine sensitivity of intranasal chemesthesis to eugenol. 2005 ).

Several methods can determine whether people feel volatile compounds, thus enabling an experimental isolation of the olfactory system. We speculate that anesthetic properties of eugenol could blunt its trigeminal impact in some paradigms. 1978; Porter et al.

2005). Their ages ranged from 22 to 39 (mean ± standard deviation [SD] = 30 ± 10.4), and all signed informed consent approved by the University of Pennsylvania Institutional Review Board. Nevertheless, these experiments would seem to suggest that eugenol is not a potent trigeminal stimulus and may be detected primarily via olfaction. We used eugenol (CAS 97-53-0: Sigma Aldrich, >99% pure) and L-menthol (menthol; CAS 2216-51-5: Fisher Scientific, Acros Organics, labeled >99% pure). Thus far, the experiments are consistent with the idea that eugenol has little or no trigeminal impact. Stimuli were contained in clean 250 mL glass bottles with a screw-top cap having 2 holes. Overall, acute toxic effect of eugenol in mammals is low, and the US Environmental Protection Agency has classified eugenol as category 3; the oral LD 50 value is >1930 mg kg −1 in rodents.

This consideration might be particularly important if dependent measures include autonomic nervous system response because even very low levels of trigeminally active compounds can effect sympathetic response (Jacquot et al. The results of Experiments 2 and 3 are consistent with at least 2 published reports which showed that eugenol vapor can be correctly lateralized under some circumstances (Hummel and Kobal 1994; Cometto-Muñiz et al. Bands in the region 1250-1000 cm-1 are due to C–H in-plane bending, although these bands are too weak to be observed in most aromatic compounds. Regardless, the extent to which eugenol stimulates the trigeminal nerve will almost certainly depend on concentration and method of presentation, which future studies can elucidate in more detail. A few publications infer or explicitly state that eugenol is a pure olfactory stimulus, having no irritant properties (Von Skramlik 1926; Allen 1929; Doty 1975; Doty et al. 2003; Boyle et al. In the extreme case of applying neat liquid to the mucosa, even PEA and vanillin can elicit a clear sensation (Prah and Benignus 1984). 2005). P#127, Olfactory receptor response to CO2 in bullfrogs, Determinants for nasal trigeminal detection of volatile organic compounds, Cutoff in detection of eye irritation from vapors of homologous carboxylic acids and aliphatic aldehydes, Intranasal trigeminal detection of chemical vapors by humans, Intranasal trigeminal stimulation from odorous volatiles: psychometric responses from anosmic and normal humans, Perception of specific trigeminal chemosensory agonists, Intranasal localizability of odorants: influence of stimulus volume, Subjects with congenital anosmia have larger peripheral but similar central trigeminal responses, Chemosensory specific reduction of trigeminal sensitivity in subjects with olfactory dysfunction, Detection of near-atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by an olfactory subsystem in the mouse, Loss of olfactory function leads to a decrease of trigeminal sensitivity, Chemosensory event related potentials: effects of dichotomous stimulation with eugenol and dipyridyl, Unconscious odor detection could not be due to odor itself, Eugenol inhibits calcium currents in dental afferent neurons, Psychological effects of subthreshold exposure to the putative human pheromone 4,16-androstadien-3-one, Individual differences in sensitivity to the odor of 4,16-androstadien-3-one, Molecular mechanism for local anesthetic action of eugenol in the rat trigeminal system, The analgesic effects and mechanisms of orally administered eugenol, Brain mechanisms for extracting spatial information from smell, Trigeminal sensitivity to contact chemical stimulation: a new method and some results, Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men, PET shows that odors are processed both ipsilaterally and contralaterally to the stimulated nostril, Olfactory functions are mediated by parallel and hierarchical processing, Chemosensitivity of rat nasal trigeminal receptors, Functional magnetic resonance imaging of odor identification: the effect of aging, Nasal chemosensory cells use bitter taste signaling to detect irritants and bacterial signals, Hydrogen sulfide causes vanilloid receptor 1-mediated neurogenic inflammation in the airways, Handbuch der Physiologie der niederen Sinne, Sequential estimation of points on a psychometric function, The effect of menthol vapor on nasal sensitivity to chemical irritation, Nasal trigeminal chemosensitivity across the adult life span, Acetone odor and irritation thresholds obtained from acetone-exposed factory workers and from control occupationally unexposed subjects, Methods, approaches, and caveats for functionally evaluating olfaction and chemesthesis, Handbook of flavor characterization: sensory, chemical and psychophysiological, Gender effects on odor-stimulated functional magnetic resonance imaging, © The Author 2012. 2011). Olfactory Deprivation and Enrichment: An Identity of Opposites? The order of blocks (menthol first vs. eugenol first) was counterbalanced across subjects. If the sequence in concentration exceeded 3 dilution steps, all previous reversals were ignored. The other hole in the cap was fitted with a longer Teflon tube, which ended just above the fluid in the bottle. Both the olfactory and the trigeminal systems are able to respond to intranasal presentations of chemical vapor. Besides the C–H stretch above 3000 cm-1, two other regions of the infrared spectra of aromatics distinguish aromatics from organic compounds that do not have an aromatic ring: Not only do these bands distinguish aromatics, but they can be useful if you want to determine the number and positions of substituents on the aromatic ring.

Note that this is at slightly higher frequency than is the –C–H stretch in alkanes. PEA is widely used as a pure olfactory stimulus. Common examples include vanillin, phenylethyl alcohol (PEA), hydrogen sulfide, and eugenol (though, as with any other volatile compound, concentration is an important consideration, a point to which we shall return in the General discussion). A lateralization task similar to that described above will probably offer the most useful information regarding trigeminal stimulation. The 1 pair of odors that was lateralized above chance level included eugenol. Eugenol, a phenylpropene extracted from clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil, and bay leaf, is a particularly interesting stimulus. It was conducted as a part of a much broader program designed to explore interactions between chemesthesis and olfaction. 2006, 2007). In 1 block of 11 trials, subjects attempted to lateralize eugenol. In each block of trials, stimulation of the left or right nostril followed a pseudorandomized sequence, with each nostril stimulated either 5 or 6 times. Thus, any interpretation of experimental findings that depends on stimuli being detected only by olfaction should be received with caution. Eugenol acetate. 4 ”. 2011), subjects also attempted to lateralize menthol as a positive control. For menthol, the mean number correct was 10.6 (SD ±0.9). Finally, because anosmics can differ from normosmics with respect to irritation sensitivity, anosmics may not be a perfect model (Frasnelli et al. In light of the current results, even some mild trigeminal stimulation on a few trials could have produced the result, which provides an alternative interpretation to the conclusion that subjects can lateralize odors of different quality. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. ChEBI. The subject simultaneously placed the Teflon nosepieces into the nostrils and sniffed. Of 10 subjects, 9 met this criterion (binomial P = 0.0098). 2005). The set of bottles that was presented first on each trial was determined randomly; however, all individuals received the same sequence. 2000, 2005; Bengtsson et al. Initially, olfactory detection threshold (ODT) was obtained by using a 2-alternative forced-choice modified staircase method (Wetherill and Levitt 1965; Wysocki et al. 1 Structures Expand this section. Though large-scale clinical trials are lacking, eugenol is known to act on both voltage-gated sodium channels and the transient receptor potential channel TRPV1 (Park et al. 2004). The subjects were able to detect eugenol (to discriminate it from a blank), and the staircase procedure was able to successfully characterize ODTs for the compound in all participants.

The human nose detects volatile compounds via at least 2 sensory systems. Filtered light mineral oil served as a blank in lateralization trials but was not tinged because amber bottles were used. We constructed a 3-fold dilution series in propylene glycol (which was slightly tinged to match the color of eugenol). 3 Chemical and Physical Properties Expand this section.

Unlike the ODT trials, each lateralization trial required that the subject sniff only from a single pair of bottles; one bottle was a blank and the other contained eugenol. Implications and strategies for selection of model odorants are discussed. All rights reserved. The pattern of overtone bands in the region 2000-1665 cm-1 reflect the substitution pattern on the ring. (carbons with 4 different groups attached to it) What are functional groups in a ketose sugar? Aceteugenol. For permissions, please e-mail:, Clinical Science in the Chemical Senses: Mechanisms, Perception, Behaviors, and Disorders, Enhanced odorant localization abilities in congenitally blind but not in late-blind individuals, The influence of cognitive parameters on olfactory assessment in healthy children and adolescents. On the Climate Signals platform, attribution of climate change to individual events is made by linking individual events to the relevant long-term trends and then, in turn, linking those trends to climate change where appropriate. Note that this is at slightly higher frequency than is the –C–H stretch in alkanes. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. Details of the correlation between IR patterns in these two regions and ring substitution are available in the literature references linked in the left frame (especially the books by Shriner and Fuson, Silverstein et.

Search for other works by this author on: Effect of various inhaled vapors on respiration and blood pressure in anesthetized, unanesthetized, sleeping, and anosmic subjects, Brain activation during odor perception in males and females, On the trigeminal percept of androstenone and its implications on the rate of specific anosmia, Interaction between chemoreceptive modalities of odour and irritation, A graded olfactory contrast between nasal passages enables stereo human olfaction. Since previous studies showed that subjects are able to reliably lateralize a fixed concentration of menthol (Frasnelli, Albrecht, et al.

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