i don't want friends is this normal

So while you should always give people a good amount of time to see if there is the potential for the deeper connection we just spoke about, know when to call it quits. The most microscopic shard of loneliness cannot penetrate your thick skin.

Hey.. it’s same with me..I am also very sensitive to remarks it hurts and then I think something is wrong with me..cause I now feel lonely, im in my last semester and now I’m thinking what did I do those years..never discovered myself or let other people know me…cause I take much time to bond..and in my middle school I had a group of friends.. but I never took it to spending time outside of school and just keep the talk to casual things. While it’s completely your choice how you want to live your life, know that most of us tend to feel lonely if we don’t have any friends. Because of this, it’s completely normal to feel lonely if you lose your old colleagues. Improving your confidence Main article: How to make friends in a new city. My autism is my biggest challenge.

Let’s say that the plan was to go to the movies or on a road trip, but now that’s off.
This is a big difference because it means that you can work on changing that particular habit, and you will see an incredible upswing in your social life. I know there are a lot of parenting cynics out there. It takes time and determination to build those bonds of companionship, but once you have, the rewards are great. However, in certain situations, you might work remotely, have very few colleagues, or just not have anything in common with them. Apparently, you're doing an amazing job on your own. And you are pretty damn tough, ain't you? 7 Things You Don't Want to Learn Too Late in Life, 9 Things That Will Happen When You Embrace Being Alone, 7 Secrets To The 55 x 5 Law Of Attraction Method, Self Publishing Success Story Steven Aitchison. 13 Sad Signs Of A Selfish Husband (+ How To Deal With Him), Companionship In A Relationship: What It Means + 8 Ways To Cultivate It, 11 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him (+ How To), © Copyright A Conscious Rethink. If conversations don’t come easily to you, perhaps memorize a short list of cues that you can use if the dialogue dries up. Continue taking initiative even if you don’t see immediate results. Rejection might feel like a failure to you, but in reality, it’s a sign of success. So get over the fact that friends are a necessity, not a luxury.

When playing the guitar, you’ll learn faster if you study the theory alongside your live practice. “I worry about what people think of me. If your friendship only consists of one person, you might be overly dependent on that person, and conflicts or problems in the relationships can be worse to go through if you have no one else to interact with. You have the power within you to forge new friendships and create a social network of people you hold dear.
It can help to polish up on your social skills and practice meeting people. Sometimes trust issues are deep, for example if we haven’t been able to trust our parents. If you can, seek counseling or therapy from qualified medical professionals. However, I grew a lot being alone and not following my friend’s and family’s interest.

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