dorie greenspan apple cake

This is the recipe what I’ve been looking for. Great minds…I am not a fan of rum or rum flavored things, so I used Calvados and it was delicious. (She agreed.). What a delight to read your post, David, this will be the first recipe from the cookbook that I’ll make, but definitely not the last. In a small bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt. I will also be happier knowing that I was kind. YUM! I can’t wait to get my hands on Dorie’s cookbook. It taste fabulous! I wonder if you can substitute the apples for another fruit, I have some persimmons and pears that need a purpose! I made this today, sort of… I only had one egg… so I substituted with some milk. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. If one wanted to add the cinammon and make the cake unfrench bien sur , how much cinammon would you recommend, and at what point you would add it. They need to take a ‘billet aller simple’ to Australia and check out how easy life can be if you let it!! In a large bowl, beat the eggs until foamy then whisk in the sugar, then rum and vanilla. I used tart granny smith apples freshly picked from the backyard. “Pas échantillons!” – I had a good laugh as well. A big thank you to YOU because I learn so much when I read your posts e.g. Do you ever wonder (I do) if a rude person gets to the end of his day, reflects on the rudeness, and is proud of himself? ours is a very anemic looking cousin. Wow, I’m flabbergasted. The apples: Reinettes? I shall bake the cake because I cannot resist an apple cake and the book won’t appear in my home until the holidays (if my family follows my instructions). Whisk with a hand-whisk until eggs are light and frothy. ;), I remember reading in Julia Child’s “From Julia Child’s Kitchen” that she had to buy cotton gauze at the apothecary because the French grocery stores did not sell cheesecloth. -dl, Ever since you wrote about Paris’ “crippling bureaucracy” I ripped up any plans for a visa. Linda H: Whenever I meet people who are crummy in general, I always wonder what the rest of their lives are like..Do they have friends? Add the dry ingredients, mixing only until they disappear into the batter, then, using a rubber spatula, fold in the nuts and raisins. 3. I made this with half Anjou pears and substituted regular flour for Pamela’s gluten-free baking flour – and yes, it still tastes divine. I can’t wait to try this apple cake recipe!! But as you’ll see if you flip through the recipes in Around My French Table, everyday French cooking doesn’t depend on fancy equipment and most dishes aren’t meant to be followed to the letter, but are actually quite forgiving. I didn’t have any rum, but Navan Vanilla Liqueur was a wonderful substitution: That cake looks positively deeelicious (& that fact that it’s simple makes it all the more appealing)! Actually the sad lack of decent inexpensive copy shops open on the weekends and the TOTAL lack of tracing pads in Paris,made me decide long ago I could NOT live there. I liked the depth of flavor. My boyfriend (notoriously picky about treats) loves it, and I love it – it reminds me of the summer I lived in Paris and wandered the streets of the 5eme, eating my way through the city. Cheers from Rome. If you want to sit at Dorie’s table, the line starts here. There’s a new system in place now that filters much of that out. beautiful & very generous post… Just made the cake this morning. This was the first recipe I made from Dorie’s book and it was the perfect way to usher in autumn and apple season in my house. I am planning on buy Dorie’s book. AJ: I know, I was going to try it without and when I realized it, I understood how important it was. If I dare to mention anything untoward about Paris (even the weather) on my blog, there are crippling consequences I don’t want to think about… let me know how it goes for you. Made it this weekend, and making it again for Thanksgiving! The problem is, when you point it out, you get the shrug and there’s not much you can do about it. i really love your blog so much. It explains why it’s so hard to find a nice person anymore. You, David are the only one who can tell it like it is and I’m glad someone out there can do it. World Peace Cookies for sure. With grateful thanks to you (and Dorie), I’m changing one of my Thanksgiving desserts to this apple cake. Thanks for the recipe. It reminds me of an apple clafouti in taste and texture. will unrefined palm sugar work? Although I do sometimes get the last word in around here: When I did find the étamine and mentioned to the salesclerk I was going to make Apple Jelly with it, he told me that if he sold it to me, I had to bring him an échantillon (sample). “Hello Darlings! If only there were a ‘bakery’ aroma perf you could spritz yourself with as well, particularly for those town city visits….miam-miam, I am continually amazed by you – mostly because I was coming to think you were English, God only knows why – it must be your sense of humour, your ever so slight excentricy, or that you can laugh about yourself… :) Fold in the apple cubes until they’re well-coated with the batter and scrape them into the prepared cake pan and smooth the top a little with a spatula. Foodie Pro is the wordpress theme on the Genesis framework. I got my Coeur à la crème mold in DC at the Williams Sonoma store. And there was a pretty interesting poll I just read that revealed that 41% of the people in France think that if you’re nice, you come off as an imbecile. Once cooled, slide a knife around the edges of the cake and invert to remove completely from the pan. So if you’re like me and can only commit to dieting for approximately 1 week (the 1st week of January) and at this point have decided all bets are off in the resolution department, let this be the cake for you.You won’t regret it, I promise. For example, last week I went to the largest fabric store in Paris where I always buy étamine (cotton gauze), which I couldn’t locate so I asked a salesperson. I love the simplicity and it looks absolutely delightful. And that picture of your apples is so good I can almost taste them. Thanks so much for all the sweetness and so happy you liked the apple cake. (If one wants to die by the age of 35). Okay, I don’t even know what to say other than: This cake is awesome. I do like chunks of apples, and they certainly are easier to mix into a batter! This little rest will give the flavors time to fully blend. so sad. I’m fabulous!” I couldn’t taste the rum, but that was my fault (fault? I finally realized it was probably supposed to be a bit wet and clafouti-like and when I ate a piece the second day, I found that it is a delicious cake. The original recipe called for dark rum to flavor the cake, but as I didn’t have dark rum I decided brandy would be an okay substitute.

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