banana pudding cake recipe with condensed milk

Its just like eating the real thing, but the cake part just makes it awesome! Perhaps she wanted the luxury of whipping up a batch of, | I decided to use Rainbow Chip cake mix (since I had it in the cupboard) and banana cream pudding! Thank you , Yay! or, or, or… omg, my brain can't take it! The recipes are simple and sound so delicious. I love Bananas so I will enjoy this when I bake it. Had enough to fill all the holes, and a nice thin layer on top! ???? So good girl – thank you!

Also, mixing another box of pudding with 1/2 the stated milk and folding in a tub of whipped cream after it has begun to set will carry the flavor theme to the top. I'll try it right tomorrow morning. Mmmmm.

Have a super Sunday.

When we ate it, it was almost like a rum cake, wet on the bottom. I can make some great things but never share. The problem with the cook n'serve is you would have to pour it in while warm (because it gets too thick as it cools) and it would just really break down the cake. I cannot wait to make this again! The brand of pudding on the photo is from the store: Walmart. It was very good and I will make it again many times. Thank you! I can find it at my local Wal-Mart as well as Kroger. What an ingenious idea! You are so creative. This morning I made a variation using strawberry cake,cheesecake flavored pudding and graham crackers.

I had every intention of posting a pic of it however by the time I got my camera they had already torn into it. The inspiration for this Banana Pudding Poke Cake actually started out at work. We saw it here first though! So thank you. My daughter -in-law makes a cake similar to this only she pours jello over top to soak in holes,and then cool whip as a frosting.She made a strawberry one with the jello,and fresh strawberries for garnish.yummy, Thank you for sharing your recipes.

Just make sure to keep it refrigerated. Followed the recipe the cake wasn't perfect but, it tasted GREaTTT!!! This recipe looks yummy. I really would like to try this recipe. I have kept my cakes for at least Two weeks in the fridge and it is even better the longer you keep it. Stir until all the lumps are gone. Thanks! I just made this and almost slapped my momma!!! He loved it. to work. Home » Dessert » BEST BANANA PUDDING POKE CAKE (+Video), May 12, 2019 by Brandie @ The Country Cook 312 Comments. What are we missing? I will certainly be making it again. Why Grandma forever insisted on having at least 5 cans of condensed milk in her pantry we'll never understand. It’s nice to have a bit of a crunch when you eat the cake.

I made two last night. PASTA SALAD WITH SWEET BALSAMIC DRESSING ». I MUST try this one. And girl, everybody on the internet is copying you now. I'll let you know how it worked out for me .

Everyone loved it. I was wanting to make banana pudding for an Easter dessert, but didn’t have any Nilla Wafers, so I decided I would look for a recipe that used a cake mix instead and I found your poke cake recipe. Im just starting to explore my culinary talent…lol.

© Copyright 2010-2020 - The Country Cook - Brandie Skibinski. Wow!

So good Brandie – thank you! I gotta try this! It was a big hit at work. Ha! Leave some of the pieces big. . I added sliced bananas on top of the pudding then the whip cream. That is so awesome to hear. Making the Boston Cream this weekend. Add in 8 oz of cool whip to pudding mix. Happy cooking! Put that top, it was amazing!

Toni, Great Recipe, I forgot to add eggs to my cake mix and the cake was still moist. Thank you! The texture and flavor to me is just all around better. Thanks for the idea.

I used a 9X9 because the pan in the photo looked square, but it took too long for the cake to bake and then I had way too much pudding. I found this recipe on Pinterest (where else – LOL) and decided to try it. Layer 1/3 of pudding mix, topped with wafers, then banana … Thanks for sharing. I love banana whether it's in a pie, cake or cocktail!

Thank you for this great idea!!! The dish in the pictures look much more square then rectangle.

Had to make this sugar-free for the hubby, so the banana-flavored pudding was unavailable in that option. So easy!! Other than that, I followed the recipe as written and it was magically delicious!! Thanks again and I'm in the process of making this cake now! Look forward to hearing back from you. Love it! My husband isn't much of a cake person but he had two plates of this one!

It was that doggone good!! I’m using this site from now on. Lol. I love this cake! I'm going to try other flavors next time. ?any thoughts?

I tried this recipe for Easter. After the pudding is poured in the holes I put the cake in the fridge over night and then right before the party I layer sliced bananas on top of the pudding and then layer with extra cool whip (don't go generic on the cool whip; it gets runny and don't forget to defrost the cool whip the night before) and then I add the crunched up nilla wafers (I have used generic wafers from the dollar store and it turned out fine) I never leave reviews but I felt so compelled because of how much I love this cake!!!! I want to make 100 mini servings of this recipe. Made this for a work potluck. I can tell!

I just used Key Lime cake mix, vanilla pudding and the cool whip and wafer topping.

I am a butterscotch fan, and I was wondering if you have a recipe for that flavor. Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group.

Are you going to use a straw or a wooden spoon…curious…would there be more holes with a straw? My first time making this version, so hoping it turns out as yummy as I think it will. I think the next time I make this I might add a bit more milk so it is just a bit more liquidy……wait is liquidy a word??? Brandie:Making this for dessert today! Made this over the weekend. His wife passed away10 years ago and he loved her banana pudding. So happy this was a hit for you. Wonderful recipe and pictures.

My mother made this on Easter at the request of my niece.

Your email address will not be published. Made this today,first time ever making a poke cake and it was so amazing! This will be great (and easy)and like you I love "Poke Cakes". Just finished pouring the pudding on, now in the fridge to cool. Same as above but u pour the frozen strawberries in the holes, the ones that come in the carton, then add the pudding, then the whip cream, for the pineapple one get crushed pineapple in juice pour in holes and then add ur pudding and cool whip. BANANA UPSIDE DOWN CAKE This one seems perfect and I’d imagine it would all work the same, yes? We all loved it. Or just to the bottom and not all the way through??? However, do you think there could be a strawberry version that would be like strawberry shortcake? This cake sounds great! yellow cake mix This pudding cake looks amazing! whipped topping (COOL WHIP) I am going to try this but I am going to use a couple of real ripe bananas and mash with my potato masher and blend in with the cake mix as tho I was making a cake from scratch I think this will really give it that bananas flavor and the they wont turn brown, What do you think ? This inspired me to try my own combination of flavors. Updated and republished: May 2019, CRAVING MORE POKE CAKE/BANANA RECIPES? Last night I made the banana pudding poke cake and this morning when I woke up, its almost gone!

this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. It is delicious. We like our cake with extra pudding! I featured you on my blog tonight. I am so happy this has been such a good recipe for everyone. But I will tell you, you could make this whole thing up and pop it in the fridge the day before you need it. Stir until all the lumps are gone. Brandie ~ I have never seen a Poke Cake before coming across your chocolate Oreo Poke cake on Pinterest. I made this last night with my three year old. Hope its not over kill but anything with eagle brand is awesome, right? I LOVE LOVE LOVE banana pudding! I made this for Easter Sunday and my husband has made a long standing request for this cake for his birthday for the rest of his life lolol I can't wait to try more of your recipes out. OMG this is so YUMMY!! Some of the most popular ones are: BOSTON CREAM POKE CAKE, RED VELVET POKE CAKE, OREO PUDDING POKE CAKE and LEMON BLUEBERRY POKE CAKE.

Do you mix the Carmel and can of condensed milk? Can't wait to enjoy more tomorrow.

After looking up the recipe, I was led to your site, and discovered, that this was the exact recipe that she used. CHECK THESE OUT!

Yes, please keep this refrigerated. I added the whipped cream and the Nilla Wafers.

My 5 year old niece wouldn't stop wanting more.Definitely better after sitting in the fridge for awhile. i enjoyed looking at your country cook blog i am excited about trying some of your ideals they look really good. . I made this tonight like everyone else!

You are just making the pudding to the instant package directions which is 2 cups cold milk per packet. You can spread the crushed wafers immediately before serving the cake if you like. All Rights Reserved. We are thrilled with the results. Thank you Gail! :) Thanks for all your recipes;love your website. LOL .

I'm bringing it to my new mother-in-law's house for a family picnic she is having. We'll see pretty soon if it's still yummy, & I'll post a reply later. I can't wait to try different flavored cake mixes and puddings too! So many possibilities!

I made this yesterday. Oh my Jesus! In this banana pudding recipe, are you using INSTANT or COOKED pudding?

Putting crushed graham crackers on top. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! My co-worker, Heather, loves Banana Pudding.

Thank you so much!!!!! PINEAPPLE PUDDING POKE CAKE No one had ever heard of a “poke cake”! Be sure to poke right down to the bottom of the cake.

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