white claw sayings

4. 5. ", 11. Since this video, there have been countless tweets about the delicious beverage. But I also just feel comfortable saying I like White Claw and that it’s good.” ", 10. The same goes for White Claw, of which she’s been a fan since 2016.

"My heart belongs to White Claw." ", 17. You want to put it all on social media so you can rake in the likes and later scroll through your profile and relive the good times and vibes. When there’s only one White Claw left in the cooler: Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? "Taking life one White Claw at a time. “If women really enjoy something, it’s ‘basic’ or ‘dumb,’ something to be looked down on.”. "I'm sippin' bubbly and feelin' lovely. “I’m a bro, I do dude things and get stoked and all that. ", 3. See more ideas about Memes, Claws, Funny pictures. "I'm sippin' bubbly and feelin' lovely." "He's giving applause to the claws, baby. He's a true man. ", 19. But then the bros realize it’s “fuckin’ delicious” — and they have to “reverse all the grief they gave women for it.”. on Pinterest. "This summer is brought to you by White Claw.
The Takeout recently noted that people are using the phrase “White Claw lifestyle” mostly sans irony, and that the brand has transcended its competition by becoming synonymous with … ", 13. "You either love the black cherry flavor, or you're wrong. To me, summer isn't over until my besties break out their oversized knit sweaters, and everyone stops proposing weekend plans like beach days and barbecues in the group chat. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Honestly, this sweet moment is definitely one of the best of the season and will be one you look back on for years to come. Does it get much better than this?" ", 2. ", "When you think about it, La Croix? What I’m actually doing at 26: defending White Claw to my siblings and mother in our family group chat. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing.

You're organizing the bottles of soda, laying out the beach towels on the sand, and thinking, "Wow. Amazing. Just picture this: It's a Saturday afternoon and your crew is hanging out at the shore. "Yes, I only drink black cherry White Claws. If you don’t drink White Claw, then fuck you. You'll remember the air that smelled like a bonfire and how every laugh felt like it should be captured in a Polaroid frame. ", 18. Sep 3, 2019 - Explore Cara Nies's board "white claw memes." 6. 3. "Taking life one White Claw at a time." Imagine sitting on the beach with a breeze flowing through your hair and an ice-cold White Claw in your hand.

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