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Visitors replying to his comment were soon demanding evidence. TORONTO. The best way to order Tiff's Treats warm cookies, delivered? Appearing in nearly every scene, Amani provides a fascinating entry point to exploring the desperate circumstances that have necessitated the hospital to go underground. Actor Ellen Page also picks up directorial reigns for There's Something in the Water, which she has co-directed with Ian Daniel. At one point, a male relative of one of her patients confronts her, demanding a man be in charge. The documentary focuses on the injustices and injuries caused by environmental racism meted out against Indigenous and African Nova Scotian women fighting to protect their futures.

Reviewed online, New York, Aug. 28, 2019. The second runner-up was Bryce Dallas Howard’s Dads. Among them, is Alla Kovgan’s 3D documentary Cunningham is a visual treat that profiles the legendary dancer, Merce Cunningham and the last generation of his dance company.

However, “The Cave” goes beyond merely lingering in its setting, and roots its drama in the efforts of a fascinating young figure. This Article is related to: Film, Reviews and tagged Feras Fayyad, Reviews, The Cave, TIFF. Sign Up: Stay on top of …

Whether she’s battling sexism from male patients or guiding a lost child to the x-ray room, Amani’s commitment is a fascinating psychological case study that provides the story with its center. Barry Walsh, By I have worked extensively in the documentary film world, particularly in the areas of funding and film criticism. Beyond encapsulating the city’s devastation, “The Cave” is an implicit critique of a war-torn society still at the mercy of antiquated values. It’s a frantic, unnerving window into Syria’s collapse, and a nerve-wracking thriller that alternates between acts of courage and utter despair; through that paradox, it captures the struggles on the ground in intimate detail. For besieged civilians, hope and safety lie underground inside the subterranean hospital known as the Cave, where pediatrician and managing physician Dr. Amani Ballour and her colleagues Samaher and Dr. Alaa have claimed their right to work …

Your first clue The Cave is a place like no other will be when you stumble across the subterranean amusement park or the medieval castle, not to mention the fully armed and ready to launch nuclear tipped missile.

National Geographic will release the film theatrically this fall. Speaking through a voiceover that guides the narrative along, Amani recalls growing up under “a racist and autocratic regime,” and how the war drove her to “respond to the terrible reality” through her work.
Biographies form a good chunk of the TIFF Docs slate this year; there is Eva Orner’s Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator that documents the life of the controversial Yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury, Yung Chang’s This is Not a Movie that chronicles the life of legendary foreign correspondent and author Robert Fisk, and Lauren Greenfield’s The Kingmaker about Filipino politician and former First Lady Imelda Marcos. But “The Cave” doesn’t merely celebrate her commitment to the task at hand. With Amani Ballour, Samaher, Alaa, Salim Namour. By Gifts. TIFF ’19: “The Cave” takes People’s Choice Documentary Award As the 44th annual Toronto International Film Festival came to a close on Sunday (Sept. 15), feature documentary The Cave … Amidst air strikes and bombings, a group of female doctors in Ghouta, Syria struggle with systemic sexism while trying to care for the injured using limited resources. Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema is Mark Cousin’s 840-minutes-long epical tribute to 183 female directors, through the history of film. But “The Cave” never ventures too far from jolting reminders of the perils at hand. Show your love and take gifting off your plate. Programmed by Thom Powers, TIFF Docs will be opening with The Cave directed by the Oscar-nominated Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad who had … Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC.

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Eva Mulvad’s Love Child offers a poignant portrait of a family of asylum seekers stuck in bureaucratic limbo while Hind Meddeb’s Paris Stalingrad extends the conversation to include the plight of the refugees struggling to make a home for themselves in Paris’ Stalingrad district. Aspiring pediatrician Dr. Amani has twice been elected managing director of the hospital, where hordes of patients — many of them quite young — crowd the narrow hallways and dark tunnels on a regular basis. Unfolding over the course of several years, “For Sama” provides a more intimate look at the toll of remaining in the country and trying to make a difference. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. (In Toronto Film Festival — TIFF Docs.) With nothing to lose aside from the hospital itself, Dr. Amani has no qualms about speaking her mind. Expanding the conversation on fathers and fatherhood, Ibrahim: A Fate to Define is a personal documentary by Lina Al Abed about her missing father, who was a secret member of a militant splinter faction. As the stench of chlorine overtakes the room, Fayyad doesn’t hold back on disturbing glimpses of burnt flesh and cries of pain. “The Cave” follows another documentary about Syrian hospital workers from earlier this year, “For Sama,” in which filmmaker Waad al-Kateab describes her own experiences at Syrian hospitals overwhelmed by death. With Tiff’s Treats, you order and we deliver. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 2010 3D documentary film by Werner Herzog about the Chauvet Cave in southern France, which contains some of the oldest human-painted images yet discovered.

With the film, Fayyad follows a dedicated team of Syrian female doctors who treat patients in an underground hospital, while battling systemic sexism. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Under the Share Her Journey campaign, the festival made a five-year commitment, in 2017, to increase participation, skills, and opportunities for women both behind and in front of the camera. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!
“The films and talent featured in this year’s festival have left us inspired, awestruck, and excited for the future of cinema.”. Jillian Morgan, By

I studied literature and cinema in New Delhi, came to New York City to attend graduate school in Cinema Studies at Tisch School of the Arts, and have been living here ever since. As Russian bombs rain down on Eastern Gouta, and government forces keep some 40,000 people trapped within the city limits, Fayyad captures a desperate struggle for survival at the behest of a young doctor and her team.

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