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For our final night out we visited a few pubs in Cowes - surely the most "Yottie" town on earth. I have defined summer as June, July and August and there is a reason for my doing so, which we can see from gale reports from ships. I just thought that it was a pretty crazy idea, but knowing Neil, I thought that he would certainly make an attempt at some stage. Sometimes health issues bring us back to land…, Tagged: sailing life, sailing family, sebhorreic dermatitus. I can't remember the exact time and place when I had the idea to sail around the UK. Stick started from Eastbourne Pier on the 17th July and he was going to take the hard route (as if any route was easy) anti-clockwise around the UK. These reports are from merchant ships away from the coast and give a good general indication. One disadvantage of the clockwise passage is the southerly route through the North Sea where distances are long and harbours few and far between. Home Scillies 1 2 Channel Islands 1 2 3 Pensioner's Amusing Account Of His Adventure Route . Sept. And when my wife, Joy, and boss at work, Hugh, both gave the green light and when James said he was up for it, the trip was on. Although the chance of NE through E to SE is lower than any other directions, the chance of variable winds is greater. Sailing around the world is one of the most interesting adventures you could experience. 2 Comments. Clearly Phil was enjoying himself. Receive the latest news, practical advice, videos and competitions in a monthly email put together by the magazine’s editorial team. Time and opportunity make it difficult for crews to plan and a more realistic route may be to pass through the Pentland Firth between mainland Scotland and the islands of Orkney, which reduces the distance considerably. There’s the making of something here!!! I've been learning to sail ever since! A few years ago I wrote an article for a local newspaper in the UK about following a dream and it wasn’t exactly received with universal approval. The Indian summer (with a nice Force 5 Easterly) made for a pleasant sail to Eastbourne where Phil Totney joined us. United Kingdom About Blog Sailing Today is the magazine for hands-on cruising sailors whose love of sailing takes them around the British Isles, across the Channel and beyond. It is 290 miles further north than Cape Horn is south and, although the Southern Ocean produces some impressive storms, the North Atlantic isn’t far behind in size or ferocity. Sailing Round Britain Solo in Dark Star Leisure 27 . Privacy Policy | Tagged: liveaboard family, guests aboard, extra crew. When a storm comes you have to find shelter and then do everything you can to be prepared. There is no right or wrong way to sail round and it will depend on your (and your crew’s) available time and inclination. All these risks can be minimized considerably if you choose secure routes to sail. As the depressions pass, the wind is likely to vary from S or even SSE on the approach of the low pressure, veering as the low passes to the NW. Tagged: monohull or catamaran, best boat, blue water cruiser, Life is very different when you are out at sea and isolated. This expedition is not particularly difficult, provided the boat is seaworthy and the skipper reasonably competent. Pawel Tarnowski Tests Award Winning Exofleece in Garda, All Rooster November offers OUT NOW: Early Black Friday, Winter…, Splice Up Your Life – Everything You Need for the…, Join The Team – Picking & Packing/Customer Service Administration, How Blind Sailing Kept Going Through Lockdown – Kate Healey, The Laser Boom – Bolt it up! Which boat would you buy…a monohull or a Catamaran ? I just thought that it was a pretty crazy idea, but knowing Neil, I thought that he would certainly make an attempt at some stage. Sailing round Britain and Ireland is one of those dream passages often discussed in yacht club bars far and wide. Dave Freeman Click on the images for details of each weekly blog . The following day we moved further up the coast to Brighton, via the infamous Beachy Head (notorious for people jumping off!). We have recently closed the fundraising activity for the trip and I'm pleased to say that we raised a grand total of £2,464.67, well over the target of £2,000. There are however certain risks associated with it such as bad weather, rough sea, or sudden hazards. What you really need to know to undertake a cruise around the British Isles can actually be summed up in seven words: arrange three months’ holiday and set sail. © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | Around the UK in . However, this is based on averages away from the land and coastal sailing will bring about local changes in wind direction and strengths. The passage of the Caledonian Canal, though considered by many as ‘cheating’ can also cut off a sizeable chunk. I am entered in the Round Britain and Ireland two handed race this summer. Tagged: homeschooling, boat schooling, unschooling, teaching kids, collins international, cambridge igcse, cambridge international, igcse. Traditionally, races have been run clockwise and the advantage for this is the prevailing southwesterly wind to help for the long stretches west of Ireland and along the coast of Scotland. Check the blog here out for parts 2, 3 4 & 5 of this revealing interview. It is also possible to shorten the route by passing east of the Outer Hebrides and taking a short cut through the North Channel into the Irish Sea, leaving the west coast of Ireland to another time. A list of sailing blogs and websites from sailors and sailing enthusiasts in and around the UK. Tim is 47 years young and has been sailing on and off for most of those years. It was now or never so I decided to take the plunge into yacht ownership; one month later I was the proud owner of "Elle", a Sadler 26. Crew Good Brands, Useful Gear ... A few years ago I wrote an article for a local newspaper in the UK about following a dream and it wasn’t exactly received with universal approval. Our Journey Home About. How To Prepare For Extra Guests and Crew on Your Boat, Homeschooling, Boatschooling, Unschooling USEFUL LINKS, Catamaran or Monohull ? It was wonderful to be reunited with family and friends. It was an emotional final sail that took us from Cowes, across the Solent, up the River Hamble before berthing at the Elephant Boatyard, Bursledon at midday; 89 days after departing from the very same berth! Thank you. There are great arguments for either a clockwise or anticlockwise route. 23rd Sept. We are now on the South coast and, frankly speaking, the stretch from Dover to Brighton is the least attractive part of the British coast we have visited, characterised by articificial marinas full of large, expensive floating caravans. Here are some of the safest routes to sail around the world. Sailing round Britain and Ireland is one of those dream passages often discussed in yacht club bars far and wide. Love this well done guys and thanks Steve for getting so involved. This is a much more keenly debated question. Muckle Flugga is the most northerly lighthouse in Britain at 60°51’N, nearly 30 miles north of Bergen in Norway. I had been given Stick’s track responder data as Stick had made some loose plans to drop by at Stokes Bay on Wednesday, but weather plans had put paid to that idea. We met up with some friendly folk from South Africa, who helped us celebrate the end of the voyage. Irenka. © 2018 Rooster Sailing Ltd  |  Team Rooster Login. My first sailing experience was at the age of 7 when my father put me alone in an Optimist dinghy and gave me a shove. 10 February 2020. Chichester is a wonderful sailing harbour, home of 10,000 yachts and more than a dozen sailing clubs, apparently. Then, out of the blue he called on Friday – he had landed on Hayling Beach having had an epic off Nab Tower.

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