quenching and tempering process pdf

The material is water-quenched in a quench unit, in which the plate is clamped to avoid warpage. x�b```�M��:B c�r|lSnbU�pX�2�BS����L���$�m�dr���ԏ�[P��Cg-~,��z+����� 6��E.�m[����"���E��B8��8\�Wu K\��mȹh���P�v�ȶp�#L*�~����3c6�(���*���Zj�%_�/WBˤ"'4�l0y|%4mrj�!���Rp`��ض&�ǧ ��S��.s``MKK� &%% ����APPP�tq+��`T�� �Y1��`bLJ0s��Dq#Ԩ�f4���s��P ��� ��V� F;�op}cc����`��� � �6/�.�F�����6�50�fm�:�� "o��XB�@R��)��� �@'�XG0X5������+�fbm ��́ʮ000 # �� endstream endobj 851 0 obj<>/StructTreeRoot 121 0 R/Metadata 848 0 R/MarkInfo<>>> endobj 853 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>/Properties<>>>>>/StructParents 0>> endobj 854 0 obj[/Indexed/DeviceRGB 255 880 0 R] endobj 855 0 obj<> endobj 856 0 obj<> endobj 857 0 obj<>stream primarily to increase ductility and toughness.

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Troosite structure is another constituent of steel obtained by quenching tempering martensite. 0000010728 00000 n

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0000012110 00000 n 0000020355 00000 n In the business year 2019/20, the Steel Division generated revenue of EUR 4.6 billion, reported an operating result (EBITDA) of EUR 494 million, and had around 10,400 employees worldwide. (a) 2-D finite element mesh of a steel pipe, (b) Temperature history during quenching and tempering process…

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This process gives troosite structure.
So, the key difference between quenching and tempering is that the quenching is rapid cooling of a workpiece, whereas tempering is heat-treating a workpiece. 0000071375 00000 n

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Stage 2 consists of tempering the material to obtain the desired material properties. Quenching and tempering consists of a two-stage heat-treatment process. Front axle beam is the biggest and most heavy forging
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It is also one of the most important partners to the European white goods and mechanical engineering industries.

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