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An inspiring and motivational corporate music for presentations, promotion, and advertisements. This will be a long string of characters. Should groups of alternate tracks be grouped? The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 1266477-91. If you're syncing tracks from another site, you can show either your site's {$genre}, {$tempo}, and {$cue type} data or you can show the data from the source site on your {$catalog} pages. Great music background for business topics designed to inspire and motivate, new technical project presentations, advertising voice-overs, phone message systems, and more. Reload to see changes.{message}. Select a society with which you want to register your works and add it to your list. This Happy background music instrumental features upbeat ukulele and acoustic guitar for that cheerful and cute vibe. Please specify how you want us to name your album art.

Account management is disabled on this site. Sonic Search: You can drag and drop a music file from your desktop to initiate an audio-based search for similar music. Make your own recipient or choose from our presets. Here you can assign a set of tags to a specific page or to a regex pattern. Stay the course, and you'll get those results! Great for motivation and Inspiration.

Sending an amazing song out to the masses has a very different effect than sending out a decent song with potential to the masses. You do not have access to download each of the tracks requested.Please either gain access to them by purchasing them through using download credit or the shopping cart before trying a bulk download. Enable subscriptions where users can pay a flat monthly fee to get free downloads a month. Check the boxes to transcode entire {$catalogs}, {$labels}, or {$albums}.

For our members and clients who have excelled in creating very appealing musical works, we offer a variety of free, paid and non-exclusive deals to market talent across the globe.

To add this feature to your site, you need to make sure your account is up to date on the billing page in your admin panel. Ideal for various uses including: voice over, presentations, explainer videos, promotional content etc. Well suited for medical projects, and new technology for health, as well as for scientific projects and corporate presentations. Just press the button below to get started and then navigate the site normally, selecting each track, artist, album, etc. Great for medical projects, infographics, innovative and technological projects, promotion, broadcasting, slideshows, motivational videos, media projects, corporate presentations and more. All rights reserved. Are you ready to disable them permanently? This form allows for the transcoding of entire {$catalogs}, {$labels}, and {$albums} at once. Check the box next to each {$catalog} below for which you would like this metadata embedding feature enabled. Music PR campaigns can also be drawn up around a piece of ​news.

Uplifting is corporate business background music for presentation and documentaries needing inspiration music and motivation. Appears in the background of login and signup pages. Budi Voogt .

Use the button on the right to create some!

By toggling each item, you consent for SourceAudio to use your information for the stated purposes.

Please ensure that either the SourceAudio ID or the filename is present.

This is an ideal backdrop for different multimedia projects e.g., real estate videos, web marketing, motivational presentations, mobile applications, online educational training, and more. Solid and confident corporate background music with inspiring mood and optimistic atmosphere.

Negative Searches: Add a hyphen before a search term to exclude that term from results.

Calm and optimistic background music with light atmospheric sound. Perfect for Video Game, Timelapse, Presentation, GoPro Video, Summer Video, Travel Video, TV Show, Fashion Show, Vlog, Advertising, Promotion, Sport And Extreme Video, etc. This embedded metadata conforms to ID3 tag standards and is readable by all ID3 tag compliant software such as iTunes,Winamp, Windows Media Player, Soundminer and more. Lead instruments includes piano and electric guitar. What kind of SourceAudio site do you need? Nice for business videos, promotional videos, product advertising, commercials, real estate promos, TV and broadcast ads. Please enter your Youtube Channel ID to have elligible tracks' usage whitelisted and avoid copyright claims. A short, enticing blurb that will appear in the blog list. Whether the tone of your pitch is powerful and engaging or gentle and reassuring, the background music should match.

Grant download access to all users forever, Include link(s) to directly download these files from the email message body, Note: You may only nest tracks with other tracks in their {$catalog}. DISCLAIMER: Our airing data is real-time, but our program and ad data is confirmed by reports delayed by 3-4 weeks. Give some {$labels} extra weight in search results, making them appear higher. Great music for sports videos, commercials, advertising, presentations, YouTube content, and more.

Positive, Uplifting and energetic track with nice ''U2'' clean guitar style and powerful lush strings. If you are not already a member and would like to sign up for free to benefit from our variety of resources for indie and unsigned music makers, follow this link.Regular Business Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am-6pm EST. Power is the UK’s leading dance music promotions company.

Previous settings will only be overwritten if there is a value. (5 - 50). It will work well on your inspiring corporate and atmospheric presentation videos, Kickstarter videos, advertisements, commercials, crowdfunding videos, vlog, web video projects, and many other applications.

Where will you send the user when the click it? For example: hbo.com,showtime.com. We would like to assure you that our downloads are completely safe and the Windows versions are digitally signed.

Attach a brief with any additional information (doc or pdf - up to 5 files - 10MB max each), Attach a reference file (mp3, wav, aiff, mov, or mp4 - up to 5 files - 20MB max each). Naturally, the overall goal of any PR campaign is to garner more general recognition of the artists involved.

If you don't know what regex patterns are, now is, Here you can assign a specific page or a regex pattern to forward to a different URL. The list of channels currently being monitored can be found here. Take a spreadsheet and fill it with the name of the publications, stations, etc. Please. Some papers can turn things around in a week. If this was done in error, please email us immediately at, You need to set a new password to login. Winning at YouTube: The Power of Music Promotion Channels. Please contact Machinima directly to make changes to your account. Your new SourceAudio site is ready to go! How do you really make an impact? You can also drag in a file or click the "Upload a Track" button. We promote music from hard-working, talented artists every day. By subscribing, you agree to the {addonName} Terms & Conditions. Match.

Use -2 to set as credit-only purchase, useful for blanket deals where a price isn't necessary/wanted.

Visit your anti-virus website for more information on how to do this. But get this - SA Detect, unlike any other music monitoring solution preceding us, can tell you if your music was used in programming or advertising!And if we determine it was used in advertising, we can tell you if it was in a brand commerical, network promo, or ad for a major film release (i.e., movie trailer).

Paste your Tracking ID here. First, we'll guide you on what these are, then we'll help you organize and register your works with your PROs and other administrators the right way so you can avoid unnecessary errors and omissions! This display will update when it has begun tranferring. Have my watermarked tracks been delivered to my clients? Click.

Should we also collect on your publishing rights? Should tracks be embeddable on other sites? Although you can't always avoid ALL competition, a bit of clever timing can result in bigger results. Note: Batch operations only affect new tracks and not files you're adding to existing tracks. Feel good happy background music for Presentation. Not a trial version. Need to deliver the same tracks to multiple recipients? Having been established since dance music’s inception we know a thing or two about promoting the world’s biggest and best club tracks. Unique and important information first.

E-Commerce has a $19.99 monthly charge, and a 2% transaction fee, billed with your monthly site bill. Used synths, leads, pads, drums, sub bass, vocal samples, FX and more.

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