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Be Blessed!!! Fried Hog Jowl:  You’ll need this, a Hog Jowl, smoked and cured. Looks excellent! And my son created a huge mess frying up a batch. Jowl may be frozen then thawed prior to adding to Pinto Beans, Butterbeans, Black Eye Peas, Collard Greens and more. As mentioned, you’ll need a good sharp knife to slice through the skin part. I’ll freeze these to be used later as seasoning meat when cooking up Pinto Beans, Black Eye Peas and other dishes. Save remaining grease from skillet by placing in a container and storing in refrigerator. Be Blessed!!! // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Cooking Times for Smoking Meat in an Electric Smoker. Hi Hank, I’m glad to know you’ve tried hog jowl. I think it is all in your head. Hi Transplant West, Thank you for sharing the information about the butcher paper. But, we’re getting off into another section and direction all together. Let’s try to stay focused. You may want to use salt conservatively, as some jowls are already salted. You’ll often find it labelled as Pork Jowl Bacon if it’s been smoked and cured. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Relatively lean, yet very moist meat. Be Blessed!!! (Guanciale, the famed Italian bacon, is made sometimes from the cheeks but also from the jowls of the pig.) Quick view. Onion, diced into ¼ inch dice, 1 medium; Rosemary, 1 tbsp. Unless you like it burned, that’s your choice. I appreciate your visits, and do hope that you’ll continue to visit with us again… real soon. We’ll show you how easy it is to slice it for frying, or to use it as seasoning in lots of your favorite beans and greens side dishes. I love crisply baked hog jowl, and in my part of the South, it’s on the New Year’s menu to insure that we are able to “eat high on the hog” for the coming year. The process will vary somewhat from one seller to the other. Often referred to as Pork Jowl Bacon, it’s not just for New Years Day. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes as well. Smile. Hi JT, I think a lot of folks are sort of turned off by just the name. Because pigs “root,” or “forage” in a forward direction, this moving forward is seen as a symbol of moving forward as you begin a new year. I appreciate your comments and do hope you’ll “discover” some other new things here on Taste of Southern. This can be saved and used just like you would with bacon grease. Oh Steve!!! Thanks for the great website. Pork jowl. You’ll need to turn them as needed so they don’t overcook in any one place. Do you roast until it is fall apart tender (like the above technique? Where I find it in my area? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hog Jowl Bacon comes from smoked and cured cheeks of the pig. There are few parts of the animal for which this is true.

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