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The 2008 presidential election was only the second time in 104 years that it had not voted for the winner of the general election. With Election Day approaching, many more voters say they have been contacted by the campaigns – primarily through mailings and pre-recorded telephone calls – than said so in mid-October. His lead had been 16 points among registered voters (52% to 36%) in Pew’s previous survey, conducted Oct. 23-26. Aside from Obama’s six-point edge among independents (45%-39%), he is nearly even with McCain among white non-Hispanic Catholics (47% McCain, 45% Obama), suburban voters (47%-43%), and white women (47%-44%). Among voters who have received robo-calls, nearly two-thirds (65%) say they usually hang up on such calls; just 30% say they usually listen. The survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted among 3,402 adults who were interviewed on landline and cell phones, finds that since mid-October, McCain has made gains among young voters, although they still favor Obama by a wide margin (by 61% to 36% among those ages 18 to 29). - William Kristol, New York Times, - Has The Media Been Fair to Obama's Church? According to Gallup polls conducted worldwide from May to October 2008, 7% of the people in the 73 countries polled supported McCain, compared to 24% who supported Obama. Perhaps Not. Among likely voters, 36% favor Obama strongly, while 13% say they support him only moderately. The new poll projects increased rates of voting among young people and African Americans, who strongly favor Obama. That is slightly less than half the percentage of voters who report receiving mail about one or more of the candidates (60%). In the campaign’s final week, McCain is getting the boost that Republican candidates typically receive when the sample is narrowed from the base of 2,995 registered voters to those most likely to vote. Numbers, Facts and Trends Shaping Your World. Obama has strong support among blacks (89%-5%), Hispanics (62%-31%), young voters (61% to 36%), and lower-income voters (64%-29%). (+1) 202-419-4300 | Main Pastor Calls Into Question Obama's Judgment, The Dangers of Pitting Race Against Gender, White Male Vote Will Be Critical for Dems, Obama's Campaign Has Been Fatally Damaged, Dems Need to Resolve Race Sooner Rather Than Later, Obama's Rationale for Bid in Jeopardy Over Wright, Obama is Asking Voters to Excuse Jeremiah Wright. In mid-October, slightly more Obama supporters (19%) than McCain supporters (12%) said they donated to a candidate. According to Gallup Polls from June 9 to August 17 McCain's cross-party support fluctuated between 10% and 13%. See how John McCain and Barack Obama compare in state and national polls … In the wake of the Democrats’ victories in the midterm 2006 election, the results reflected the first time in 76 years that the party won two back-to-back elections on the national level, making consecutive gains in Congress. The total of 131 million votes cast in the election represented more than 43 percent of the U.S. population at the time, the highest share of any presidential election in U.S. history. The Pew Research Center’s final pre-election poll of 2,587 likely voters, conducted Oct. 29-Nov. 1, finds 49% supporting or leaning to Obama, compared with 42% for McCain; minor party candidates draw 2%, and 7% are undecided. It resulted in a clear-cut victory for the Democrats. - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic, - The Risks and Rewards of Obama - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal, - What Will Obama Cost the Nation? Thus, in early 2008, opinion polling showed Republican John McCain leading most polls, sometimes by double digits. Among all registered voters, 27% say they have received a personal call about the campaign and 14% say they have been visited at home by someone talking about the campaign. More significant, the race is about even among voters who plan to vote on Election Day: 46% support McCain while 45% favor Obama. It’s Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Election Day in America. - Noam Scheiber, New Republic, - On My Faith and My Church - Senator Barack Obama, Huffington Post, - How McCain Turned It Around - Chris Jones, Esquire, - Obama: I Trusted Rezko - David Jackson, Chicago Tribune, - The Keys to Pennsylvania - Terry Madonna & Michael Young, RCP, - Infighting Risks Dems' Key Voters - David Shribman, Pitt Post-Gazette, - For Progressives, A Sea-Change Election?

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