load path examples

This can slow the load significantly. SQL*Loader needs to acquire several locks on the table to be loaded to disable triggers and constraints.

Use the STREAMSIZE parameter to specify the size for direct path stream buffers. If you are performing a direct path load in which the same date or timestamp values are loaded many times, a large percentage of total load time can end up being used for converting date and timestamp data. Do not use command form when filename is a This chapter describes SQL*Loader's conventional and direct path load methods. See the section in this chapter calledDirect Loads, Integrity Constraints, and Triggers . One way to speed a direct load dramatically is to minimize use of the redo log. Indexes that are Unusable must be rebuilt before you can use the table or partition. Another approach is to size extents large enough so that extent allocation is infrequent. It is a good idea to do backups immediately after the load to preserve the otherwise unrecoverable data. You must have DELETE privileges on the table to be loaded, when using the REPLACE or TRUNCATE option to empty old data from the table before loading the new data in its place. The parameter ROWS determines when data saves occur during a direct path load.

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The best way to prevent it is to make sure that no applications are running that could enable triggers or constraints for the table, while the direct load is in progress. This technique can be used to load the same or different objects concurrently with no restrictions.

Overlapping computation with I/O increases load performance. For more information, see SINGLEROW Option. Oracle can always recover from instance failures, even when redo logs are not archived. Then use the command MONITOR LOCK to see if there are any locks on the table. Integrity constraints that depend on other rows or tables, such as referential constraints, are disabled before the direct path load and must be reenabled afterwards. Integrity constraints that depend on other rows or tables, such as referential constraints, are disabled before the direct path load and must be re-enabled afterwards. For example, load DEFAULT column specifications defined in the database are not available when loading on the direct path. functions or code for SimulinkĀ® simulation. Installing all packages in a sub-directory of ~/.emacs.d/ also makes it very easy to move them along with your configuration to a different machine.

In such cases, triggers and constraints will remain permanently disabled until they are manually enabled. By definition, a conventional path load uses SQL INSERT statements. This section discusses the implications of using direct path loads with respect to these features. NOT NULL constraints are enforced during the load. A direct load, therefore, does not compete with other users for database resources so it can usually load data at near disk speed.

If the data is fully sorted, only enough space to store the index entries is required, and the value of this constant would be 1.0. This value is appropriate for most randomly ordered data. Any SQL statement that tries to use an index that is in Index Unusable state returns an error. SQL*Loader need not execute any SQL INSERT statements; therefore, the processing load on the Oracle database is reduced. The following restrictions are enforced on parallel direct path loads: Neither local nor global indexes can be maintained by the load. UNIQUE constraints are enforced both during and after the load. The ROWS parameter determines when data saves occur during a direct path load. If an instance failure occurs, the indexes being built may be left in Index Unusable state. See Indexes Left in an Unusable State.

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