how to teach present perfect through games

seem just what I need…eager to try them out tomorrow!! thanx soooo much! Some examples of worksheets for these games available here: They can then switch and do the same thing with “No”. game (TEFLtastic classics Part Three) | TEFLtastic blog. 32. Lead in to present perfect: I have received only a few today. I have never seen an alien! With my skits book you get some videos included (I don't have a video for every skit yet, but the collection is building.) Spread little flashcards around class, more than one copy of each.

Thank you so much! Ask students to fill the gaps with any ideas at all, the more imaginative the better, e.g. The kids were super enthusiastic and delighted to be using English in context rather than just yelling phrases out of their book at the teacher.

[…] Retrieved from: […], […] Description of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Answer me (number 10 in the list) […], A student asks their partner “Are you …ing at the moment?” at the moment, and they must answer “Yes”.

“He has been walking 20 dogs today” (which could mean all 20 at the same time), “He has been cooking Chinese, Italian and English food” (ditto), and “He has read Wikipedia” (which could mean he has read the whole thing). If the coin is heads they can choose one person in their group to ask the question to, but if it is tails they have to answer the question themselves. questions and attempt to elicit a positive answer and then they follow up with a how long have you …? We have two sets of fun conversation cards from our conversation questions section. Their partners have to guess what the correct time clause is, e.g.

How To Proceed. Great!But how to help teachers to adopt and adapt these ideas to their pupils’needs? The student in the middle must try to sit down in one of the seats before the other students do. Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect. For example, a student might say “I have been to America.” and “I have met the president.” Then the other students must guess which one of these sentences is really true.

I’ve finally found something that should hold my students’ attention for a lesson. If they can’t remember the past participle then they can turn over the card to check.

When you reach the door stop and say, "Oh no!

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Then, the next student should make this question longer, e.g.

Feelings present perfect sentence completion 2. Also, certain games are particularly useful in teaching certain aspects of verb tenses. Make small groups for this if you have a big class. 13. “I’ve been playing the violin for 2 years” “I think you have passed two tests in that time”, You say the achievement and they guess how long it has taken you, e.g. You / ice hockey? The other team ask “Have you been to …?” and are answered with “Yes, we have”, “No, not yet” or “No, we aren’t planning to go there” until they guess exactly where they are now. Go back to the items, pick up the sunglasses and leave again.

I used this lesson in Nepal with 9-year-olds and it was a resounding success.

Now, give the learners five to ten minutes to think of three experiences from their own lives which they can use in the game. It hasn’t stopped raining for three days. As a grammar activity, I write down some sentences in the students’ native language that would logically, usually be translated into the target form I am aiming for. Present Perfect Simple and Continuous sentence completion. To begin, arrange the classroom chairs in a circle. Any of the A Perfect Guess games above can be played with the person guessing being given clues with “Much longer”, “Slightly less” etc.

Do you know your room?

Students stand up and go round the class asking questions to find one thing they have done and no one else in the class has. Thanks a lot. Otherwise, thanks!

Say "touch a bag" and the 4 kids at the front race to touch the bag flashcard, and then go to the back of the line. For example: If you manage to be the only person standing for one of your examples, you would get a point.

Then, let your students take turns asking if their classmates have done each of these activities. They / practicing / Chinese 4. 1. The present perfect is one of the most difficult tenses to learn for students.

“How long have you been wearing the shoes you have on now?”, “How many countries have you visited?” or “How long have you been studying in this class?”. tecbarrera Says: May 24th, 2010 at 00:22 “He has worked as a postman for 20 years but recently his back has been hurting”) and the other who has less experience but nothing negative (e.g.

Thank you!

There's no need to score points, but if your kids love competitive team games then you could score.

You can also ask students to make tricky to answer questions like those above. Thank you very much.

This is similar to the game above, but only give the students clues as to the true sentences such as verbs, numbers or lengths of time. Arrange chairs facing into a circle for all but one of your students. This prevents the skit from becoming stale through overexposure. Give each student 3 to 7 cards with a different number or length of time on each, e.g. Ask your students to share two or three things they have done that they are most proud of, and have them do it in front of the class. So repeat until the demo is clear for everyone. things where the number in their answer is bigger than their partner’s) by asking and answering questions, e.g. (You spelled it as ‘practise’ in ‘Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect.’.

With a big class, use the board. Thank you so much.

4. Write the name or initials of each student on the board in a line on the board. Today I'm really happy to introduce a guest writer to you. of three or four practice using ‘since’ and ‘for’ with the present perfect. Students try to spot what you have changed in the room since last week, while they were having a break or while their eyes were closed. But there are others that confuse me endlessly, such as ‘I could care less,’ which apparently means I couldn’t care less’? In fact:

Ask them to write what they think is the past participle of the verb on the back of the card. Give students three to five sentence stems with a mix of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, e.g. As they are doing the end of the task, go around the groups and check the cards which have been written and put a line through any that are wrong. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh. If you have a student who is way ahead of the others, make him/her the driver on the second time through. (You spelled it as ‘practise’ in ‘Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect.’.

“About 2 years”, “Since January” and “Seven”. Any of the games above can be played with the same Present Perfect question getting longer and longer as students add language to it, e.g.
Demonstrate this with one of the best students first, who is likely to understand quickly. There are plenty of writing games in my Primary school games book (but none in the preschool games book).

Continue like this making the question longer and longer to make the longest present perfect question possible. Kudos!!!! These sentences should be written in the simple past and include the time of the event.

“Have you ever watched TV in your bedroom while eating pizza?”. Thanks for the ideas, they all seem very funny, I´ll try some.

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