good high school science fair projects

If you still need some help, here are some ideas for good science fair projects at the high school level. Stumped for ideas? Big Pieces or Small Pieces: Which React Faster? Does How You Hold Your Guitar Affect the Sound? Can Water Plants Be Used to Determine Water Quality? There is fierce competition for the coolest project, and students need a topic appropriate for their educational level. Rocketology: Baking Soda + Vinegar = Lift Off! Does Temperature Affect the Rate of Butterfly Development? Don't Get Burned! In time, you’ll develop a hypothesis that can be tested! Check out this fun high school science fair project idea to investigate how the cell membrane regulates what moves into and out of cells. How High Can You Throw a Baseball? “If soil type affects erosion rates, then sandy soils will erode faster than clay soils.”. How Vines Find Their Spines: Thigmotropism in Morning Glory Tendrils, It's Crowded in Here! Compare the properties and effects of artificial sweetener vs. sugar or other natural sweeteners. How Quickly Does a Tennis Ball Lose Its Bounce? How Does Solar Cell Output Vary with Incident Light Intensity? Field Goal! This high school science fair project investigates if small changes in your diet alter the pH of your saliva. Fruit Fly Lab: Phototaxis, Geotaxis and Chemotaxis. Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions— What Affects Their Rates? Relationships Between Variables: Using Correlation and Linear Regression, The Effects of Card Counting on a Simple Card Game. How effective are natural pest deterrents? The Science of Crispy Potatoes, Yuck, What Happened to My Apple? Colorful Chemistry Creations: Make Your Own Sun Print with Color and Sunlight! Art Bot: Build a Wobbly Robot That Creates Art, Build a Motion-Activated Guard Robot (BlueBot Project #1), Build a Speedy Light-Tracking Robot (BlueBot Project #2), Build a Zippy Line-following Robot (BlueBot Project #3), Build an Autonomous Arduino Robot with Bump Sensors, Build an Obstacle-Avoiding Robot (BlueBot Project #4), Climb Every Mountain with Your Own LEGO® Cable Car, Drawing Dalibot: Designing an Art Robot That Switches Colors. Crash! Resistivity: Is Copper the Best Metal Conductor? To participate in an upper-level competition, your project should be relevant to current science and technology. Do People Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts? Develop improvements in battery chargers; try methods of using. Create and View Your Own 3D Models in Virtual Reality. Below are ten top ideas to kick-start your creativity, split into three segments: the environment, magnetics, and chemical reactions. Size vs. A Plasma Ball! Exploring Nanotechnology: Fold, Roll, & Stack Your Way to Super-Strong Materials, Fallen Arches: The Surprising Strength of Eggshells, Get Crafty — Create Your Own Durable Paper Doll. How to Make a Dimmer Switch with a Pencil. Worm Hunt: Isolating Soil Nematodes from Your Backyard, Project Idea Title (Click on the link for details on each project. Explore the Chemistry Within Hand Warmers. How Food Wrappings Affect Spoilage. How does the pH of juice change with time? 6. Choose a topic that interests you, then begin your preliminary research. Now You See It, Now You Don't: A Chromatic Adaptation Project, Now You See It, Now You Don't: Investigating Inattentional Blindness, Piaget's Theory of Conservation: When One Cup of Water is Less Than One Cup of Water. The Nose Knows Smell but How About Taste? Breath of Life: Does Exercise Increase Vital Capacity? Test Different Remedies to Remove Skunk Odor, Solar-powered Chemistry: Study Chemical Reaction Rates in Ultraviolet Beads, Spaces Between Water Molecules: When 1 + 1 < 2, Study Chirality with a Homemade Polarimeter, The Chemistry of Clean: Make Your Own Soap to Study Soap Synthesis, Water to Fuel to Water: The Fuel Cycle of the Future. Free Lunch? Keep Your Candy Cool With the Power of Evaporation! High School Science Projects (338 results) Science Buddies' high school science projects are the perfect way for high school students to have fun exploring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Particles in the Mist: See Radioactive Particles Decay with Your Own Cloud Chamber! Understanding Delayed Gratification, Fear Factor: Using Pulse Rate to Measure Emotion. Measure the Frequency Response of a Speaker. Thank you for signing up to Live Science. A Change in the Winds: Studying Bernoulli's Principle. Scrape the soot that accumulates on a glass candle holder when the candle is burned. Smarter Than Your Average Slime: Maze-solving by an Amoeboid Organism. While it's fine for an elementary or middle school project to take hours or a weekend to complete, most high school projects run longer. © Need Help Getting Out of a Sticky Situation? 1: How do changes in acidity affect the survival rates of an invertebrate population? Similar Triangles: Using Parallax to Measure Distance. Investigate methods of improving home insulation. Harmful Algal Blooms in the Chesapeake Bay, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Saving Migratory Animals, Hitting the Target: The Importance of Making Sure a Drug's Aim Is True. Need a science fair project that's fun, engaging, and appropriately rigorous for a high school science fair? Have your kids collect questions from various exams and then administer the new tests to adult friends and family members from a wide range of fields. While you might have been able to get by making posters and models in earlier grades, the bar is... Household Items. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Check out this fun high school science fair project idea to investigate how the cell membrane regulates what moves into and out of cells. Shaking for Suds: Which Type of Water is the Hardest? Start brainstorming by looking at the ISEF categories; it’s also a good idea to check the ISEF guidelines before you choose a topic. Grades 3-6, This science fair project idea develops an understanding through experimentation of which shapes are the most structurally strong. How Food Supplements Affect Weight Gain of Juvenile Mice, Huddle & Cuddle: How Puppies Keep Warm, Pet Poll: A Taste Test for Fluffy & Fido. How Do You Get Heat from a Supercooled Solution? You will include a history of similar experiments or inventions and their real-world applications. Image Quality: Finding the Best Tradeoff, Invent an Interactive Toy with a Raspberry Pi, Keeping It Private: Blocking RFID Readers from Reading your ID Card, Killing 'Vampires': Saving Money and Power by Turning Off Computer Peripherals, Make a Motion Sensor Alarm with a Raspberry Pi, Paragraph Stats: Writing a JavaScript Program to 'Measure' Text. Are Enzymes in Laundry Detergents Effective Stain Removers? Compare the growth of a plant or germination of seeds placed near the oven with those grown under the same light/temperature conditions farther from the appliance. Forensics: How Does It Matter? Environmental Science Projects. Purpose: This is a statement describing what it is you want to find out by doing the experiment. Making A Candy Waterfall: Can Solids Flow Like Liquids? Levitating with Eddy Currents! This awesome diffraction grating experiment puts high school students' applied math skills to the test by having them calculate the wavelength of laser light. Hatch some brine shrimp eggs (obtained from a science supply website or catalog) in a glass container. How Does LED Brightness Vary with Current? Minds of Their Own: A Chemical Reaction that Changes, then Changes Back! Measuring Soil Bearing Capacity. Recording Digital Data with Magnets, Seebeck Effect: Turn Heat into Electricity, Then Measure It with a Thermocouple Thermometer. Making Maple Syrup Candy: How Does Temperature Affect It? Deep Knee Bends: Measuring Knee Stress with a Mechanical Model. – Browse our Science Fair Supplies category for more project ideas and helpful kits. has assembled a rich collection of high school science fair projects and high school science fair project ideas written by our team of professional scientists, science teachers, and educational consultants. Can Your Body Temperature Tell the Time of Day? Supported by a grant from Homeland Security, a 16-year-old even came up with a devise that can reliably detect nuclear weapons and explosive materials in vehicles pass as they drive through his sensors. Cool Science Experiments for Hot Summer Days, Make Your Own Spectroscope | Spectroscopy Science Fair Project, This bacterium survived on the outside of the Space Station for an entire year, Weird 'gravitational molecules' could orbit black holes like electrons swirling around atoms, Here's the Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19. With a Little Bread as Bait, Can You Make a Bird Migrate? Which Wing Design Creates the Greatest Lift? Multitasking: Brain Drain or Boost in Efficiency? High-Speed Magnets: Exploring Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law. Earthworm Castings — The Ideal Proportion in Soil for Young Garden Plants, Gone With the Wind: An Experiment on Seed & Fruit Dispersal, Growing, Growing, Gone! Swimming in Acid: Understanding Ocean Acidification, Taming the Tsunami: Investigating Different Structures to Reduce Tsunami Damage, The Science Behind Tsunamis: Study the Effect of Water Depth on Wave Velocity, Focusing Your Flash for 'Freezing' Motion, Measuring Height Or Distances with a Camera, Measuring the Speed of Moving Objects with Stroboscopic Photography, Picture This: Building a Cell Phone Microscope, Point, Click, Shoot! More? Read on this high school science fair project idea to get basic information on the Get Set. 5 Easy Fizzing & Foaming Science Projects.

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