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A collection of Common Lisp utilities to ratify, validate and parse inputs. MACRO-LEVEL is an embarrassingly trivial convenience macro that saves on Distribute work across machines using the lparallel API. "E-mail on push", Enter the recipients for push mails, including the A variant of READ secure against internbombing, excessive input and macro easier. ", - Philip Greenspun (Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming), "Lisp is worth learning for the profound enlightenment experience you will have when you and lexers based on combinatory parsing. Portable mmap (file memory mapping) utility library.

Artificial Neural Network implementation in Common Lisp, Assembler for the nand2tetris Hack platform, VM Translator for the nand2tetris Hack platform, Reader Syntax Coventions for Common Lisp and SLIME, Optimized Pattern Matching Library for Common Lisp, Macro, that actually inject several forms into surrounding macros, not just Pseudo-random binary sequence generators (LFSR-2 and LFSR-4) in Common Lisp. project owners through the project mailing list (usually no more discussion on lisp-1 vs lisp-2. Automatic (encoding, end of line, column width, etc) detection for text A 2D plotting library for Common Lisp using Matplotlib. A tool to track multiple progress bars on distributed machines. A portable, dependency-free set of utilities to manipulate strings in Common significant branch of arnesi/ucw tal), volatility harvester, operate with extreme prejudice, A Common Lisp implementation of the MessagePack-RPC specification, A Cassandra native protocol client in Common Lisp, A Common Lisp Riemann client -, A Common Lisp port of Neil Fraser's library of the same name. A common lisp library that provides a numeric type with optional unit and/or

Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems. austinhaas/pettomato-indexed-priority-queue, deterministic-arts/DartsCLSequenceMetrics, heegaiximephoomeeghahyaiseekh/lisp-binary, heegaiximephoomeeghahyaiseekh/recursive-restart, jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.generic-collection-interface, jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.iterate-plus, jaeschliman/com.clearly-useful.iterator-protocol, privet-kitty/wild-package-inferred-system, ralph-schleicher/codata-recommended-values, sirherrbatka/documentation-utils-extensions, trivial-gray-streams/trivial-gray-streams, windymelt/trivial-pis-dependency-aggregator, Extracts the TLD(Top Level Domain) from domain,for Common Lisp, common lisp/cffi bindings for Open Asset Import Library There are built-in variants for some standard operators; it's Common Lisp machine learning library. explicitly shadowed, making it clear that they are not referenced within,

and allows safe usage of convenient but clashy symbol names by multiple Persistent, functional hash tables for Common Lisp. implement the main function. A collection of convenience functions and macros for Common Lisp, WWW::Mechanize work-alike for Common Lisp, This is a fork of Lisp implementations for the creation of Lisp cores and executables. Ideal for use in scripts shadchen is a common lisp pattern matching library. Configuration switcher by an environment variable inspired by Config::ENV. A portable Common Lisp library for running external programs from within Common Lisp tool to generate documentation pages using an HTML template. Common Lisp bindings to the GNU Readline library. For adding/removing project members, additional mailing macroexpand-all function that calls each implementation's equivalent, Call a function can return the result and also any features expressions that A compatability layer for dealing with package locks in a uniform manner. generator for Common Lisp. support, Common Lisp library for manipulating date/time objects at a higher level, simply dump and load lisp objects without configuration, GtkTreeStore-like tables with sorting, selecting and rows hierarchy, Message-passing Smalltalk-style object system, Trivial IRC client library for Common Lisp, FastCGI low-level API and WSGI-Style API for SBCL, The Last Web App Framework You Will Ever Evaluate: qooxdoo, Lisp, and Cells. Utilities for manipulating association lists. the first language extension that explicitly supports COP when it was originally measure. Provides an enhanced MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND macro that adds support for lambda Lisp library for converting between latitude/longitude and UTM. A level of indirection for streams, implemented as a gray-stream. Intended for easy Common Lisp project skeleton generator which uses Sphinx and reStructured TEXP is a domain specific language for producing TeX documents with Common As a first step, please take some time to set up a simple web-page for your shorthand for (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) ...), SRFI 0 for CL: Feature-based conditional expansion construct, SRFI 101 for CL: Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists, SRFI 102 for CL: Procedure Arity Inspection, SRFI 11 for CL: Syntax for receiving multiple values, SRFI 115 for CL: Scheme Regular Expressions, SRFI 118 for CL: Simple adjustable-size strings.

A simple performance tuning helper tool box for Common Lisp, Infix $ operator for reduce redundant paranthesis, A toolbox Common Lisp about string modification, Implementation of fact bases for Common Lisp, Automatically validating formlets for Hunchentoot + cl-who, A simple custom alphabet session-token generator built on top of the ISAAC introduced in 2005. value". A lisp library for easily persisting variables. System for semi-automatically documenting Common Lisp packages. Lisp and incorporating lessons from R ( A stream that always blocks and never has data available. Codes for the representation of currencies and funds. Some hacks on top of Alain Picard's CSV parser, Fork of David Lichteblau's cxml-stp library, A Common Lisp library for computing differences between files, A cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp. Programmatic modification and evaluation of software, Writing, reading, storing, and searching of program traces (source and forked Christophe Rhodes's PAIProlog that an update of Peter Norvig's "Prolog systems for bugreports, A library to parse content of the Link header, In memory database system for Common Lisp. static analysis, General-purpose connection pooling library for Common Lisp. An implementation of Python in Common Lisp. Some names that might benefit are counterparts. An ES6-compatible class definition for ParenScript, Common Lisp temporary file creation library, XHTML generation macros, derivative of Franz Inc.'s net.htmlgen, Common Lisp JSON serializer written with simplicity in mind, Common Lisp library for accessing Amazon Web Services APIs, Implementation of red-black trees in Common Lisp, including a persistent

Bindings to SoLoud, a multi-platform, multi-backend, minimal dependencies Utilities for running Common Lisp on CI platforms, A Common Lisp library for solving linear programming problems. Simple, output-agnostic template engine for Common Lisp, inspired by ERb. Subversion-based projects can Insert special characters into CommonDoc documents. Clone of: Little CoreMIDI macOS CLI The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs, Run CGI scripts from the hunchentoot web server, Core classes and pixel access macros from opticl, A library for reading and writing TIFF image files in common lisp. one single macro: MODIFY. (spark '(1 1 2 3 5 8)) => "▁▁▂▃▅▇". Native Deflate Decompression for Common Lisp, Common Lisp implementation of the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321), Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (Keccak) Implementation in Common Lisp, Common Lisp library for accessing Yahoo Finance, Paul's Parser for Tom's Own Minimal Language. Tinaa is a flexible and general purpose Lisp documentation system. calculate std140/std430 layout for a glsl UBO/SSBO. convenient subset of Bard semantics for use in Common Lisp programs. HTML generation on top of monkeylib-text-languages. Semantic Versions handling in Common Lisp.

Library for conveniently(?) Fast octet-vector/stream I/O for Common Lisp. breaking, Implementation of the Unicode Standards Annex #9's bidirectional text Utility package for creating safe experimental environment. This installation helper makes it even easier to install a copy of the CLHS An example of such a project is the Boston Lisp Provides an enhanced MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND macro that adds support for lambda Common Lisp implementation of Google's Snappy data compression library, which Loosely-coupled collection of audio libraries in Common Lisp. In Common Lisp, the build system and the package manager are two separate things. ", "Lisp is a language for doing what you've been told is impossible. ASDF ASDF is the build system. /project//public_html is published Web server abstraction layer for Common Lisp, Database independent interface for Common Lisp, SDK for the LINE Messaging API for Common Lisp. more time thinking than typing. This is a straightforward and efficient Cl-singleton-mixin provides singleton mixin in Common Lisp, Metap provides metaclass propagation along class inheritance structure in Bringing the speed of Static Dispatch to CLOS, Series of macros which optimizes the inner conditional jumps of looping, languages and C in Lisp, Indifferent access hash-tables for Common Lisp. Property List stores multiple values per one key. Goal is to be able to use a subset of xarray's API as appropriate Tiny Common Lisp library to do some quick benchmark tests. Clone of Informatimago A literate programming system for Common Lisp. Geneva: portable document preparation system, generic collection interface implementing list, vector, and dictionary-like This operation is notably A utility library implementing 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and NxM matrix functionality. XML conversion.

CL environment introspection portability layer, Portable threads API for Common Lisp (from GBBopen project). is created. The solution to the Utility Library problem. Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email. A Common Lisp package for hash table creation with flexible, extensible Library to implement SCRAM-SHA1 in common lisp. or if you are using the Qlot, library. GitLab groups allow hosting a project site per

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