blackcurrant jam from frozen fruit

In terms of how much sugar to use, that’s up to you and your fruit. Simmer for 20 minutes, or until the blackcurrants are tender and the liquid has nearly evaporated. Oh! Yes, we would still use the same amount of water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes. . Your cooking time will vary, depending on your fruit, your stove, and your pan.). I start almost all my frozen fruit jams by macerating the fruit in sugar while it thaws. A little gingham fabric looks fabulous. Jam – A Family Tradition Cooking Delia's Christmas Cake in a fan oven. Slice, dice, and weigh. Do you need, or want, extremely cheap meals, to eat for 50p a day for a bit, or even longer? More uses for your wonderful home made jam, Something old and something new. I gently spot clean plums. If you see creases or wrinkles, it’s ready. Finally, the blackcurrants are put into a sieve and given a thorough wash. You might be able to make blackcurrant jam from frozen fruit, sometimes available in the shops, or from online farmers. Thanks Marion Williams Simmer for 20 minutes, or until the blackcurrants are tender and the liquid has nearly evaporated. A lovely pie and a leftovers pudding, Before putting together the meal planners, Lesley surveyed what was needed. And you can find detailed information about freezing other types of fruit here. Blackcurrant & cassis: Add 1 tbsp of cassis to the finished jam before bottling. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Here, I thought I’d share a few tips and the method I like to use for jamming frozen fruit, along with a recipe for the last frozen-fruit jam of the winter: an earthy mix of blackberries, plums, and the juice of three Seville oranges sent to me by a dear friend for purposes of education and experimentation. I cover and leave them until they’ve cooled a little, then screw the lids on tight. Be careful, splashes will burn you badly at this temperature. Because the fruit was frozen with care, at the very point where I would want it for jam making — some of it perfectly ripe and some of it just under — the difference in flavor was negligible to nonexistent. I made a luscious plum, strawberry, and ground cherry jam that I never would have thought of if I’d used up all those strawberries in June. Add the sugar and lemon juice, bring to the boil then cook until the mixture reaches 105C/220F on a sugar thermometer. Do not rush this step. Having said that, raw blackcurrants are hard to find in the shops. And they need to be scrupulously clean so your jam will keep well, there must be no germs, bacteria or mould spores at all in the jars. If you’d like to grow your own and enjoy this wonderful fruit in summer puddings, ice creams, smoothies and of course, jam, here’s how to grow them. The other was a Food Saver, which allows me to freeze fruit in vacuum sealed packages at the height of just-picked excellence, without the danger of ruin from stale air and freezer burn. I think it was 15 minutes or so in my 11-quart copper pan — or at least I’d say start looking for a set around that point. 2 pounds sugar Ladle or pour the finished jam into the hot, clean jars, leaving 1/4-inch head space. Leave to cool for about 10 minutes, stirring now and again, Put your jars on a heatproof surface and carefully ladle in the jam. When you’re ready to make jam or jelly, pull the fruit out of your freezer and thaw it enough to loosen the mixture from the container. Pour on the water and place your jam making pan onto a low heat, bringing the apples and blackcurrants to a simmer and then a strong boil. Transfer the mixture to your jam pan, bring to a gentle boil, and cook to the setting point. Start with the best. If the mixture runs very slowly and it has substantially thickened, it’s done. Squeeze over the juice of a lemon and add the blackcurrants (these can be either freshly picked or thawed after previously being frozen earlier in the year, perhaps after a bumper crop). Personally, I do. Before you freeze the fruit, cut it to the size you think you’ll want it to be when you use it later, because you probably don’t want to mess around with trying to chop up plum halves or whole, huge strawberries after they’ve been frozen. When I started to create jams with my frozen summer’s haul, I was of two minds: Mostly, I loved having the luxury of combining so many fruits. Using up bits and pieces of fruit to make a lovely fresh Summer Berry jam, Cranberry Curd, £1.18 a jar, and lots and lots of other variations, including savoury ones. You might be able to make blackcurrant jam from frozen fruit, sometimes available in the shops, or from online farmers. Once the jam is ready to set, stir in a generous knob of butter, this gets rid of any scum floating on the surface. After that, I go through and pinch off the stem from any berries that have a lot of stem attached. (I squeezed them and then candied the peels.). Or use circles cut from cereal box inners and perhaps a pretty ribbon. On the outside of the freezer bag, jot down not just the fruit it contains, but the weight and the date you froze it, along with anything else you might want to remember, like where you picked it or who gave it to you. Thanks Marion Williams Helston. Turn up the heat, then boil … Then I pick the currants off any stems. Blackberry Plum Jam With Seville Orange Juice, Last year, two things came into my life that changed the way I preserve fruit. It’s not a big deal — just some recipe notes so you can get in and out of the freezer quickly and not grab or thaw a lot more than you need. Assuming you can find some, here’s a fab recipe for home made blackcurrant jam. I cool them a bit as I don’t want the steam to condense on the lid and drip onto the top of the jam, encouraging mould. (It took me all year to learn to trust the power of the pectin in the wonderful Satsuma plums I got last year; they set quickly and with great enthusiasm. Do I need to make any adjustments to a standard recipe using fresh bcs? Enter to win one of three maple ingredient boxes plus a copy of Cooking with Maple, naturally, Follow us Like us on Facebook Follow us on twitter Follow us on pinterest Print this page Email this page, Copyright 2001-2020 All Rights Reserved Delia Online. This easy recipe uses the whole fruit for a tart, rich preserve that sets well. More Info. Leave to cool slightly. Sterilise the jars you want to use. First of all, I remove the leaves and any insects crawling about in the bowl. Stir well. 1 pound frozen blackberries I’m a perpetual dieter, and to help with that endeavour, there is now also a Thrifty Lesley dieting group, a lovely, growing community. I’d want to check up on the particulars of freezing those or other fruits before attempting it for the first time. As the fruit thaws, the sugar nestles it and absorbs the liquid, so you end up with a mixture that is thick, bright, pectin rich (provided you’ve chosen a blend of fruits that provides enough pectin to make a successful jam, which is actually kind of hard not to do) and ready to cook. Alternately, give the mixture a little push with your finger. Give them a rinse under the tap and drain. Leave to cool for a few minutes then pour into hot, clean jars and seal immediately. Anything that will keep the jam clean and dry will do the job. You may want to plan for bags of various weights, too. I want to make Delia's blackcurrant jam from the complete cookery course but with frozen blackcurrants, shall I use the same amount of water? Why not ask your question now. Your email address will not be published. It’s all good jam. Cherry Rhubarb Jam with Ginger & Honey (No Refined Sugar). You now have two options. If you prefer your jam chunky and seeded, leave the pulp as it is. It was one of my favorite jams of the year.) If you click and buy anything, I may get a small commission on the purchase. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. First of all, remove your currants from their stalks. Place the fruit into a saucepan and cover with 250ml water and bring to the boil. Make a pot of our stunning, seasonal blackcurrant jam and make the most of these beautiful berries. Cover the bowl tightly and allow to macerate (at room temperature or in the fridge) until fruit has thawed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Some people use jars fresh from the dishwasher.

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