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It stood near the mouth of the Euphrates, on its western bank, and is represented by the mounds (of bricks cemented by bitumen) of el-Mugheir, ie, "the .../u/ur.htm - 15k, Gopher (1 Occurrence)... gopher with the modern Arabic kufa, a name given to the boats made of interwoven willow branches and palm leaves with a coating of bitumen outside, used today .../g/gopher.htm - 9k, Genesis 11:3and they say each one to his neighbour, 'Give help, let us make bricks, and burn 'them' thoroughly:' and the brick is to them for stone, and the bitumen hath been to them for mortar. The chemical composition and consistency of these deposits vary significantly. (n.) Bitumen. BITUMEN. Pitch apparently was common in the Dead Sea area but was also, A term used to describe all hydrocarbons that are soluble in carbon disulfide, including gases, easily mobile liquids, viscous liquids, and solids.
Proud member BITUMEN. Bitumen is also a flammable material and is so described by Isaiah, who prophesied that the land of Edom would “become as burning pitch.”​—Isa 34:9. Genesis 11:3 , RSV, margin, rendered in the A.V. Three references in the Bible are tr. All rights reserved. When a man is being reformed, he is kept by the Lord as to his internal in good and truth, but as to his external he is let into his evils and falsities, consequently among infernal spirits who are in these evils and falsities. marʹ), its solid state.The third word, tar (koʹpher), describes its usage: how it is applied in overlaying woodwork. The third word, tar (koʹpher), describes its usage: how it is applied in overlaying woodwork. And they used brick in place of stone and bitumen in place of mortar. The day of the vengeance of Jehovah; the torrents thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into sulphur, and the land thereof into burning pitch (Isa. But the good and truth which flow in through the internal render him so safe that the infernal spirits cannot do him the least harm; for that which acts inwardly prevails immeasurably over that which acts outwardly; because what is interior, in consequence of being purer, acts upon each and every individual particular of the exterior, and thus disposes the external to its will. ... // of genesis volume 1/chapter xi.htm, The Sea of Sodom ... so properly interpret here, "the salt sea," as "the bituminous sea." Bitumen deposits occur naturally throughout the world--the best known are Trinidad's Pitch Lake and the La Brea Tar Pit in California, but significant deposits are found in the Dead Sea, Venezuela, Switzerland, and northeastern Alberta, Canada. Abundant petroleum deposits are known in the Middle E from several geologic periods, viz., Iran and Iraq (Tertiary), Kuwait and Bahrein (Cretaceous), Saudi Arabia (Jurassic), and in Egypt (Carboniferous to Eocene) esp. Salem Media Group. For good is of heaven, and evil and falsity are of hell; therefore, as heaven and hell are separate, so also each and all things from them separate themselves. The vale of Siddim was full of slime pits (14:10). “pitch” or “to pitch.”. |, Who was Chedorlaomer / Kedorlaomer? Allusion is made in Isaiah 34:9 to its inflammable character.

Your Faithlife account signs you in to all our sites. (1950), 732; M. F. Unger, Unger’s Bible Dictionary (1957); R. Said, The Geology of Egypt (1962), 274-281; McGraw-Hill, Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (1966), v. 2, 251; Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia, 4th Ed. The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom—2014, The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom—2012. At one time the Valley of Siddim, located near Sodom and Gomorrah in the Dead Sea area, was noted for its “pits upon pits of bitumen” (“slimepits,” KJ). ... /.../africanus/the writings of julius africanus/fragment ix of abraham and.htm, Nineveh.

Asphalt (or asphaltum) is a semisolid mixture of several hydrocarbons. Int. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. In the natural environment bitumen is a dark-colored, comparatively hard, nonvolatile substance. Asphaltic-base oils at seepages yield natural bitumen, such as asphalt, rock asphalt, pyro-bitumens, and related compounds. In ancient times, a piece of cloth was often dipped in pitch or oil and wrapped around a stick to make a torch lamp. Pine wood, made watertight with bitumen - extrabiblical sources. 3722. kaphar -- to cover over, pacify, make propitiation... A primitive root; to cover (specifically with bitumen); figuratively, to expiate or condone, to placate or cancel -- appease, make (an atonement, cleanse ... /hebrew/3722.htm - 5k, 3724. kopher -- the price of a life, ransom... From kaphar; properly, a cover, ie (literally) a village (as covered in); (specifically) bitumen (as used for coating), and the henna plant (as used for dyeing ... /hebrew/3724.htm - 5k, Chapter xi ... 3, 4. (See PITCH. Everyone who is being reformed is let into this state, and in this way the evils and falsities in which he is, are removed, and goods and truths are inserted in their place. ... ... And there are the springs of bitumen; and it yields alum and salt a little different from the common kinds, for they are pungent and transparent. Genesis 11:3, RSV, margin, rendered in the A.V. By registering for an account, you agree to Faithlife’s, Adhesive • Asphalt • Bitumen • Slime • Tar • Waterproofing, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised, The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated), A naturally occurring combustible substance used in antiquity as an adhesive and a sealant. bi-tu'-men. Bitumen and pitch have these significations from their being of a fiery nature, and in the Word by what is fiery is signified good, and in the opposite sense evil; but as they are sulphurous, and also black, they signify evil and falsity; as in Isaiah:--. "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia".

It is amorphous, of low specific gravity, 1-2 with a black or brownish-black color and pitchy luster. 2:3.)
About BibleSpeak. Bibliography Information Bitumen, dense, highly viscous, petroleum-based hydrocarbon that is found in deposits such as oil sands and pitch lakes (natural bitumen) or is obtained as a residue of the distillation of crude oil (refined bitumen). Multi-Version Concordance Bitumen (3 Occurrences). Asphalt also occurs as a natural cement in sandstones, forming bituminous or asphaltic sandstones. Gen 14:10 .

Here Chedorlaomer and the confederate kings overthrew the kings of Sodom and the cities of the plain. Back to Words index, Back to Natural words index. (YLT RSV), Exodus 2:3and she hath not been able any more to hide him, and she taketh for him an ark of rushes, and daubeth it with bitumen and with pitch, and putteth the lad in it, and putteth 'it' in the weeds by the edge of the River;(YLT RSV), Bitumen: (Margin RV , Slime)): An Inflammable Mineral, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, 3722. kaphar -- to cover over, pacify, make propitiation, 3724. kopher -- the price of a life, ransom, All the People Upon the Earth are to be Regarded as Having Used, How Vespasian Upon Hearing of Some Commotions in Gall, Made Haste. Cypress wood …coat it with pitch - Oxford NIV Scofield Study Bible. 10Now the Valley of Siddim was full of bitumen pits; and as the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some fell into them, and the rest fled to the hill country. And they said, one to another: Come, let us make bricks and let us burn them well. A similar lake occurs in Venezuela. of However, it casts up black clods of bitumen in many parts of it; these swim at the top of the water, and resemble both in shape and bigness headless bulls; and ... /.../chapter 8 how vespasian upon.htm, The Conquest of Babylon. formed primarily by evaporation of the lighter and more volatile constituents. Herodotus and others described the use of asphalt as a cement for bricks at Babylon, and it still may be seen in the ruins of the wall of Media near Babylon. Teak-wood tree, wait twenty years for it to mature, and cut it into planking - Folklore. Don't miss our free Thanksgiving email series! They used for all this masonry a cement made from a species of bitumen, which was found in great quantities floating down one of the rivers which flowed into ... /...// the great/chapter viii the conquest of.htm, Chapter xiv ... 10. [N] indicates this entry was also found in Nave's Topical Bible. [2] As regards the thing itself-that encompassing the truth Divine there was good mixed with evils and falsities, no one can understand this unless he knows how the case is with the reformation of man. |, Bitumen: Dictionary and Thesaurus | With this the ark was pitched ( 6:14. 34:8, 9); pitch and sulphur denote falsities and evils. Bitumen is a general term for naturally occurring or pyrolytically obtained petroliferous substances ranging from crude oil thru the socalled mineral tars to asphaltite. Hence then it is that by she daubed it with bitumen and pitch, is signified good mixed "with evils and falsities. Gen. 11:3, R.V., margin, rendered in the A.V. BibleSpeak offers the most comprehensive resource on the web for Bible name pronunciation. (Ge 14:10) Even today bitumen is occasionally washed ashore, suggesting that Siddim is presently located beneath the waters of the Dead Sea. Most modern geologists know of no other source for it. They filled that part of the western cloister [14] which was between the beams, and the roof under them, with dry materials, as also with bitumen and pitch ... /.../chapter 3 concerning a stratagem.htm, Bitumen (3 Occurrences)... naphthas. See SLIME.

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