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If you want an epic choir library, StormChoir 2 will deliver big time. vocals.

Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack – €69.95 [Read below to get 25% off]. This mesmerizing vocals pack will make great contributions to your reggae track and a worthy addition to your library. We hired the most professional singers from around the world, artists with millions of streams on spotify, working with the big ones from the music industry to bring you top notch quality samples. Belonging to a variety of Genres, Kate Wild brings you one of her finest works in a royalty free pack. It consists of two separately recorded sections of boys and girls. 5 free vocal libraries for KONTAKT. You'll gain access to thousands of samples, sample packs, plugins, and more. In this quick guide I have compiled a list of great choir VST libraries: My name is Mike, founder of, music composer and sound designer since 1998, old school nerd, and coffee addict. Acclaimed American singer Clare Demer has been captured belting out a series of non-verbal sustains, including separate release samples and full-length legato transitions, using handmade Cloud JRS-34 ribbon mics, a Millennia preamp and an Aurora converter. No singer, no problem.

Electronic music pioneer discusses his love for REAKTOR BLOCKS, THRILL, and more. Get started with a FREE account from Splice. – Vocal Morphs II compiles a variety of vocal loops and one-shots (90 samples in total – pads, cut-ups, glitches, formant shifts, pure recordings and more) into a colourful and versatile instrument.

Freyja is the female counter part to the Wotan male choir. Check out the Ultimate Vocal Library 2 in action down below: Subscribe to stay updated on the best deals on sample packs, plugins & more.

With the E-Sensuals Vocal Pack, you receive a blend of genres and styles of vocal samples. Built for deployment in the more cerebral styles of electronic music – IDM, cinematic, ambient, etc. Tracking, tape-looping and mixing the groundbreaking original was a famously epic endeavour, but Tape Choir boils the process down to a an intuitive engine in which each key across a two-octave range plays an individually recorded stacked vocal note, with randomised start times and adjustable detune delivering that huge ensemble sound. We asked some of our favorite artists and creators to dive into our flagship production suite and play through the…. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 48. Featuring both male and female singers, Vocal Hooks intends to deliver one factor perfectly: clean vocals. In collaboration with Splice, KARRA has released a sample pack of over 500 vocal elements for producers to utilize. These virtual vocalists are on key and completely free.

New-York based artist Janelle Kroll stands out among the oversaturated R&B genre through her powerful delivery and soulful voice. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';fnames[3]='ADDRESS';ftypes[3]='address';fnames[4]='PHONE';ftypes[4]='phone';fnames[5]='BIRTHDAY';ftypes[5]='birthday';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Read the description and our review of these best vocal sample packs down below & also there are some free samples for you in case you make it to the end of the article! I was obsessed with the idea of becoming the next big producer. The human voice can truly add soul and character in music. Ultimate Vocal Library 2 by Ghosthack – €29.95 [Read below to get 25% off], This pack from Ghosthack includes more than 1,100+  professional state-of-the-art Acapellas, Ad-Libs, Phrases and One-Words recorded by male and female vocalists. Whether you’re looking for full-on vocals, single words/phrases, or even just a basic phrase to chop up into an organic vocal melody, we’ve got a great selection of packs on this list to help you out. PUSH TURN MOVE and PATCH & TWEAK author Kim Bjørn explores methods for interfacing with music through hardware and software. Deep House Vocals Vol 3 comes from a series of best-selling House Vocals Pack and can bring fully featured construction kits and vocal phrases to a producer’s doorstep. I’ve also heard King Crimson sampled by Kanye West. Latin, Slavonic, and lots of vowel combinations. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 54. Glossy and up-front, Singers is the perfect backing vocal library for pop, RnB and other commercial styles. Reverb heavy female vocals and intricate melodic phrases make up the bulk of this sample pack. And when making any type of track, whether its trap, trance or dubstep, they often fall short of one thing which adds much needed flavor to the entire setting, i.e.

Inspired by artists such as Rihanna, Ciara, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and more, Red Lips Vocals 3’s sounds are unabashedly radio-friendly. Soulful Vocals Free Pack By Sample Magic. In many cases, songs representing electronic dance music are wrongly judged on the basis of only its drop or whether the melody is catchy enough to make the song a radio-friendly hit.

For those who are a fan of the sounds of The Glitch Mob, Seven Lions, or Bassnectar, the Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack will deliver the spacey female vocals that your track needs. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack – €69.95 [Read below to get 25% off], 2. These are some reasons why we decided to prepare a list of the best vocal sample packs which definitely – no matter what genre you representing – will help you solve these and other vocal-type problems. Hollywood Choirs (EastWest) Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir (Soundiron) Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir (Soundiron) This will give you instant inspiration to shape the sound, tone and expression of new choir parts for your music. A well-vetted collection of the hottest extended loops & vocals from the top DJs, this vocals pack is bound to make your creations a lot juicier.

The bonus pads, drone, soundscapes and whisper articulations truly shows how deep this choir library is. This mesmerizing vocals pack will make great contributions to your reggae track and a worthy addition to your library. 1. But you don’t have to splash out to get started with quality laryngeal-based NKIs. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 57.
Looking For Real Drum Samples? This collection of vocal loops & cuts will bring you club-ready hooks and percussion sounds that will inject your tracks with undiscovered serenity. Another huge collection of drop phrases, screams, shouts, etc. It’s one of the trickiest musical instruments to emulate with samples, but the human voice is well represented among high-end KONTAKT libraries. The First Lady of Southern Soul, known throughout the world for her distinguishable voice has teamed up with Samplesound to release a Tech House sample pack designed to equip producers with brand new, never heard before samples with a nod to Candi’s legendary past.

Vocals are one of the hardest instruments to mix and master. Free Vocal Samples & Loops. This vocals collection contains traditional vocals & textures from the remote Maasai tribe of Tanzania. You’ll find: This is an epic vocal pack and is best for genres like Deep House, Techno, EDM and Glitch. Free EDM Vocal Bundle by W.A. Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Killer Acapellas 4 by Monster Sounds – €19.65. In many ways, that’s a good thing: utilizing these techniques to make music without even stepping into a studio booth means we can easily access and create art. Legendary Voices: Candi Staton by Samplesound – £15.99. And don’t let the simplicity of the interface fool you, this is one massive and magnificent choir. It even includes true legato patches for both men and women. Learn about the collaborative project between Irish producer Eomac and the Japanese artist Kyoka. No cheap tricks here – just five powerful tools for creating chilling atmospheres. Created with a lo-fi sampling style, the haunting pitch-shifted & screwed trap phrases found within the pack are entirely unique. G-House is one of the freshest sub-genre of house music and is alive in almost all nightclubs & discos. ©2020 FloeMedia, LLC - All rights reserved. An ADSR envelope is on board for dynamic contouring, convolution reverb provides ambience, and despite the lack of round robins, this is a handy option for quick and easy male vocal pads. Vocal Hooks, by Pink Label, is the collaborative effort of 3 different soul singers. Do not install any suspicious software.. 1. I can’t wait to hear how producers use these sounds in their tracks. We sit down with Josh Eustis to dissect the sounds and techniques behind Dreams Are Not Enough…. And with the nice convolution reverb included you feel like you are in heaven. List of the best vocal sample packs: 1. The samples are 100% royalty free and key & bpm labelled. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 8. Soundbox brings an amazing Vocals pack that will definitely increase your productivity level and give you 200 hook heavy vocals to play with. You can listen to the demo acapellas by clicking on the “Buy Now” button also check out one of the demos down below. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 53. Ranging from 90’s R&B to beach house to folk, one listen is all you need to know why Janelle Kroll has been featured on tracks by artists such as Gorillaz, Autograf, Estelle, and Moon Boots. PS. Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound design, sine waves, and why ‘wrong’ is often right, Using TRAKTOR in the studio: How the DJ tool is used to make beats, Secrets of electronic interfaces: Modularity, Thomas Ragsdale on atmospheric, commercial music, Richard Devine: A history of making music, Robert Dudzic: How to be the best at sound design, Download a free MASSIVE X patch from dance-floor experimentalist AYA, These Orchestral Tools libraries are half price right now – watch them in action, 5 mysterious (and free) KONTAKT libraries for horror scoring, This haunting sketch from Kara-Lis Coverdale is based on a custom pipe-organ KONTAKT patch, Download a shape-shifting, retro MASSIVE X patch from composer Joseph Trapanese, Watch 13 artists explore the sounds of KOMPLETE 13, Bristol producer LCY rises to the Sketches challenge with a club-ready slice of percussive sound design, Download an evolving, BPM-synced lead patch for MASSIVE X, courtesy of The Glitch Mob’s Edward Ma. Trap Soul Vocals, by 91Vocals, delivers some of the most hypnotic melodies, spacey rap vocals, and ambient trap verses.Created with a lo-fi sampling style, the haunting pitch-shifted & screwed trap phrases found within the pack are entirely unique.. Trap Soul Vocals, by 91Vocals, delivers some of the most hypnotic melodies, spacey rap vocals, and ambient trap verses.

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