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Cinnamon plants, which eventually mature into trees, are accustomed to a tropical habitat with warm or hot, muggy weather. You can use allspice to flavor burger patties, meatloaf and as an ingredient in a dry rub for pork or poultry. Visit our sister site PepperScale. Most well-equipped cooks have a jar of the fragrant powder or raw sticks in the pantry, and many people use cinnamon sticks for cooking and crafts. It's an attractive tree with large, glossy leaves and white flowers, which are replaced with bunches of green berries. Start with a large container, at least 18 inches, to give your cinnamon plant room to grow and mature. Keep them in a south-facing window in the winter months, and mist to boost humidity. But these two spices have some key differences, and today we’re opening up the spice cabinet to see what really sets these sticks and pods apart. Cinnamon plants have the same growing requirement and appearance regardless of their species. Cinnamomum burmannii is the most common cinnamon in the grocery store. In their native habitat, temperatures that average 80 degrees Fahrenheit promote healthy growth over the life of a cinnamon plant. Cinnamomum loureirii is widely coveted as a premium Saigon cinnamon from Vietnam. Allspice and nutmeg are often paired with each other. If you want to know exactly how allspice differs from nutmeg and the best way to use each of them, the SPICEography Showdown below is for you. It also pairs well with some savory items including eggs, beans, and certain cheeses. Compare Allspice to Cardamom by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Such warm flavors! Cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs, cats, and horses. It is the central spice in Jamaican jerk seasoning, where it is supported by a variety of herbs and spices like chili pepper and thyme. Allspice. It is a digestive and carminative. If available, freshly grated nutmeg has so much more flavor than the ready prepared ground variety. For example, use ¼ teaspoon each of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper to make up the equivalent of a teaspoon of allspice. The “allspice” name was coined because Englishmen in the 17th century believed that the spice tasted like a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Cinnamon plants grow where a natural layer of leaf mold in the jungle keeps plants nourished. The pieces must dry for about a week, and they will curl into the typical shape you see in stores as they dry. The most pronounced flavor note in allspice is that of cloves, which keeps it from being as sweet as nutmeg. Christopher Columbus sailed past allspice trees in Jamaica he thought to be nutmeg in 1492, says "The Milwaukee Sentinel," in an article tracing the origins of the spice. You are here: Home / SPICEography Showdown / Allspice Vs. Nutmeg: SPICEography Showdown. It's most often sold ground which furthers the incorrect belief that allspice is made up of a mixture of many spices. While allspice does have some of the same flavor notes as nutmeg, the two are not perfectly interchangeable. Cinnamon plants like the regular rainfall they receive in the jungle, so you should try to replicate this with irrigation when rain is scarce. Attributed Medicinal Properties. Cinnamomum zeylanicum is often referred to as true cinnamon, and has the most clean and desirable flavor. Nutmeg is usually used in spicy desserts including custards, cookies, and certain cakes. You can make new cinnamon plants from stem cuttings. Allspice used for cooking can be in powdered form or a whole berry. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Allspice Vs. Nutmeg: SPICEography Showdown, Shop fiery spices at the PepperScale Spicery. Many of the insect pests that affect cinnamon plants, like the cinnamon butterfly and cinnamon gall mite, are not present outside of the tropics. The green berries are harvested, sun-dried and the dried berries looks like large peppercorns. Conversely to make a substitution for allspice, combine one part nutmeg with two parts each of cinnamon and cloves. Allspice is used in baking cakes, fruit pies, puddings and most especially pumpkin pie, where it gives a warm flavor with peppery overtones. Allspice, or pimenta dioica, is grown mainly in Jamaica, where the climate and soil best suit the production of this berry, which is dried and ground or preserved whole. Nutmeg. One of the oldest and most popular spices used throughout the world. Ground allspice has an aroma similar to cinnamon, and allspice plants (Pimenta officinalis) grow in tropical areas of the world just as cinnamon does. Cloves. It can serve as a decent (but not ideal) substitute in some savory dishes. While it could be used in combination with other spices in an apple pie, it may not work as a replacement for nutmeg in a dish where the nutmeg is the primary spice. Allspice smells like a combination of spices including nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of pepper. Allspice is versatile in that it is used in both sweet and savory applications. Spices such as cloves, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger lend familiar, warm flavor to classic recipes, such as gingerbread, and chai -- a traditional Indian spiced tea. Spanish explorers mistook the trees for peppercorn years later, and named the spice "pimento," a combination of the Spanish word for Jamaican pepper and peppercorn. The most pronounced flavor note in allspice is that of cloves, which keeps it from being as sweet as nutmeg. A vigorous three-year old cinnamon plant is ready to harvest. From the myrtle family, the evergreen pimento tree can grow up to 40 feet. Allspice is a little too savory and bitter to serve as a nutmeg substitute by itself in many sweet applications. Birds relish the fruits of the cinnamon tree, but if you're able to save some, you can start new plants from seed. Allspice vs Cardamom - In-Depth Nutrition Comparison. Keep moist and warm, at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cinnamon trees can be kept to a smaller size in container culture, yet can still yield their fragrant cinnamon bark after a few years. Fungal diseases can affect cinnamon plants growing under stress in excessively wet or shady conditions. Her feature articles have appeared in many Canadian newspapers including "The Calgary Herald." You can control the growth of your cinnamon plant by keeping it somewhat root bound. Scrape away the outer bark until you see the yellowish-orange layer beneath, which is the cinnamon. Cinnamon. The cinnamon tree is not a long-lived specimen, and averages about 10 years of life. Leafminers can also infect cinnamon plants, causing leaf drop. Because of its eugenol content, allspice has attributes similar to clove. You can remove branches to achieve a symmetrical shape, or to remove damaged branches. Ground allspice has an aroma similar to cinnamon, and allspice plants (Pimenta officinalis) grow in tropical areas of the world just as cinnamon does. Allspice, or pimenta dioica, is grown mainly in Jamaica, where the climate and soil best suit the production of this berry, which is dried and ground or preserved whole. For best results, combine nutmeg with cinnamon and cloves to get a better approximation of the allspice flavor. The flavor of nutmeg can be described as being sweet and nutty with a hint of bitterness. Jamaicans use allspice in jerk seasoning and in soups, curries and stews. Cinnamon plants usually require full sun, but in very hot and dry weather, they benefit from some afternoon shade. Allspice has a relatively complex flavor, which is evidenced by the fact that it is likened to three different spices. Popular in Europe, it's used there for mulling spices, pickling, marinades and sausage-making. Although cinnamon plants hail from the tropics, you can grow them at home for years with the right care. Nutmeg is traditionally used in certain Middle eastern dishes featuring lamb as well as in haggis, the famous Scottish dish featuring assorted organ meats. Heavy clay or hardpan soils are not a recipe for success. Allspice has a relatively complex flavor, which Ginger. On its own, nutmeg will not be able to serve as a good substitute for allspice in savory dishes. Allspice and nutmeg are two completely different and unrelated spices despite the fact there are some shared flavor notes. Those who live in frost-free zones may grow a spice grove of cinnamon plants and allspice plants, as both love the same warm temperatures and sunny exposure. Buy allspice as whole dried berries or more commonly as ground powder. Take a cutting and strip off all but a few leaves. Cinnamon plants don't need much pruning. Allspice berries have a combined flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, with a hint of juniper and peppercorn. Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, cassia, 20 feet outdoors; three to eight feet in containers, Grow Wintergreen Plants for a Splash of Winter Color, How to Grow Purple Waffle Plant (Red Ivy). Contrary to its all-encompassing name, allspice is only made of one spice. The “cinnamon challenge” technique of taking a spoonful straight to the face was out of the question because that’s stupid, and snorting seemed ill-advised, so we settled on making a tea with the solid varieties, and an ersatz cinnamon and sugar toast with the powder. Nutmeg’s flavor differs by being somewhat simpler and the fact that it has a unique and quite pungent aroma. Jamie has written about gardening and special occasion flowers since 2011. Cuttings are slow to take, and may not be ready to plant outdoors for several months. You may see them showing up together a lot in both savory and sweet recipes. Plant the seeds while fresh, as they lose viability quickly. Keep the surface of the soil moist, and use mulch to keep the roots cool and moist. In indoor plant can remain in a 36-inch pot for the duration of its lifespan.

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