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Proper tree and shrub pruning

Tree pruning done well is an art form that maintains the natural shape and characteristics of your specific tree species. Our arborists and crews evaluate the aesthetic goals for today as well as help you maintain healthy trees by providing only the necessary solutions to your tree and shrub care needs over the long term.

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Organic health care

Moore Tree offers proactive year-round health programs, and mosquito, insect and disease control seasonally, to ensure your trees are receiving the proper nutrition to remain healthy and vigorous.

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Precautions for tree and shrub pruning

Removing lower limbs of the tree is common, and is often seen in commercial settings. The results, however, produce an awkward and unnaturally shaped tree. Repeated removal of lower limbs will lead to significant stress as the tree matures.

Removal of the inner limbs produces an abnormally stripped tree that looks like an umbrella. This technique is also detrimental to the health of the tree, producing a tree that is structurally weak and susceptible to ice, wind and storm damage.

By selectively removing a portion of the branches within the inner structure to the outer reaches of the canopy, we can maintain a tree’s beautiful and natural appearance. We prune trees appropriately to promote structural integrity and health, and improve light filtration.

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Root flare exposure

Most trees have been either planted too deeply or had soil grades raised over their root systems. The natural trunk flare is not visible above the surface of the soil, which causes trunk decay, girdling (or choking) of the roots as well as many other health problems as the trees mature. Our crews utilize a unique tool called an Air Spade to expose any trunk decay and remove girdling roots to prolong the life of your trees.

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Contractor services

To ensure that damage to trees does not occur during construction, trenching for utility lines and irrigation systems, excavation, and bed preparation, property owners and managers can consult with us to develop a comprehensive plan to protect and save trees during and after these construction projects are completed.

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